Ng Loses Seattle Job; Andruw Wants to Go Home

With the Dodgers and all other Major League clubs marking time before they can get down to the business of the 2009 season, here are a little bit of this and a little bit of that you maybe haven't seen.

What is good news for the Dodgers and bad news for Kim Ng, the Seattle Mariners selected Milwaukee special assistant Jack Zduriencik as their new general manager.

It is not known if the Mariners thought they would be getting more for their money because his name is more than four times longer than the Dodgers' Assistant GM, but whatever their reasoning, they made a their choice.

Ms. Ng is eminently qualified to be a full-time general manager. She has served both the Dodgers and the Yankees with distinction and some day a franchise with courage will give her a chance and will be pleased with the result.

Until that time, however, the Dodgers have her talents to help them sort out the truck load of free agents they have dangling from their roster and, hopefully, can keep GM Ned Colletti from signing any more old Giants, even if he does know Willie Mays personally.

I Want to Go Home
Andruw Jones, the $18 million fizzle, has told everyone he thinks might help that he would like to be traded and that he would prefer to return to Atlanta where he spent his glory days.

Many, many Dodger fans are hoping he gets his wish. The club still owes him something like $22 million and L.A. might have to eat most of his contract to get anyone to even talk with them.

A knowledgeable member of the Braves media asked us if we knew what his trouble was and we admitted that we had no inkling what it might be, short of the possibility that he was 29 instead of 19 when they brought him up to the club. He quickly replied, "You said that, I didn't." He also mentioned that Jones complained about knee discomfort while still in Atlanta.

However, hitting .158 with three homers and 14 RBIs in 75 games won't make you any friends in either the front office or the pavilion seats and when you couple the money spent with the performance, things just don't balance out.

It's time to test Colletti's GM skills and see just what he can salvage something out of Jones salary and that of Juan Pierre who is also is remarkably overpaid. Anything he can to to help the Dodgers out of this mess would be appreciated.

Young to have elbow surgery
Ken Gurnick of reports that Dodgers outfielder/pinch-hitter Delwyn Young underwent undergo arthroscopic right elbow surgery yesterday. A spur was removed from the back of his elbow and his ulnar nerve was repositioned.

Young has experienced pain when throwing since Spring Training. He will need Young six weeks of rehabilitation should be be ready for the start of Spring Training.

Used primarily as a pinch-hitter, Young ranked fourth in the Major Leagues with 14 pinch-hits and started 19 games, 17 in the outfield, hitting .246 with one homer and seven RBIs.

Peavy unlikely to go to Astros
Alyson Footer of writes that Dodger-killer Jake Peavy's new mailing address could be decided as early as next week.

The Padres, looking for a cost-cutting move, have shopped Peavy immediately after the regular season ended and since he has a no-trade contract, he agreed to consider being swapped only to Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers and Astros.

Peavy's first choice, according to the source, is Houston, but it is unlikely that the Astros have enough Minor League talent to offer the Padres, who are seeking starting pitching and, possibly, a center fielder (Andruw Jones? Juan Pierre?).

Peavy, who will be 28 next May 31, is signed through 2013 and comes with salary attached to the tune of $8 million in 2009, $15 million in 2010, $16 million in 2011 and $17 million in 2012. The contract also includes a club option for $22 million in 2013, with a buyout worth $4 million.

Major League sources told Footer that Peavy is believed to be drawing the most interest from the Dodgers and the Braves, and that a deal could be completed in the very near future.

However, the Dodgers once overflowing basket of young players has been depleted by brining many of them up to the big club and in trading for Casey Blake and Manny Mota.