Tiffee, Lindsey, Garate, Elbert Lead Stats

Third baseman Terry Tiffee and first baseman John Lindsey of Las Vegas, Victor Garate of Greg Lakes and Inland Empire, Scott Elbert of Jacksonville were multiple winners on the LADugout.com chart of Dodger minor league leaders.

Tiffee, who was selected to the Pacific Coast League Mid-Season All-Star Team, led all Dodger minor leaguers and the league with a .378 batting average. He was also the only four-department leader, topping the charts in slugging average (.561), in WHIP (on-base plus slugging) and in doubles (39).

Las Vegas first baseman John Lindsey led the franchise in hits (152), home runs (26) and tied for the lead in runs batted in (100) with Tommy Giles of Inland Empire.

Garate, pitching for Great Lakes and Inland Empire was the strikeout leader, fanning 150 batters and averaging 11.64 strikeouts per nine innings as a starter. He also topped the list with a 2.79 earned run average.

Elbert topped the relief corps with a 2.40 ERA and least hit allowed per nine innings, 4.82 while pitching for Jacksonville.

Jovanny Rosario of Great Lakes took the speed crown, leading the list with 39 stolen bases and 10 triples.

Catcher A.J. Ellis of Las Vegas worked 50 walks and led everyone with a .436 on-base percentage and Ivan De Jesus of Jacksonville scored 91 runs to lead in that department.

Individual pitching leaders were Steven Johnson of Great Lakes and Inland Empire with 12 wins; Miguel Ramirez of Great Lakes with 20 saves; closer Brent Leach of Inland Empire and Jacksonville with 49 games pitched; Cody White of Inland Empire and Jacksonville worked 145.2 innings.

Reliever James McDonald, pitching for Jacksonville and Las Vegas, allowed the least hits per nine innings (7.34); the WHIP title was won by James Adkins of Inland Empire with a 1.70 mark and Jacksonville (starters) and Anthony Tomey of Great Lakes and Inland Empire just a tic more at 1.71 (relievers); Matt Sartor, pitching for Great Lakes and Inland Empire took the strikeouts per nine innings title for relievers with 11.60 and in the control race, Heath Totten (1.23) as a starter and teammate Dwayne Pollok (1.71) was lowest among the Las Vegas relievers.

The complete list:
 2008 Leaders
(minimum 270 PA)

 Average	ave	tm
Terry Tiffee	.378	LV
Ivan DeJesus	.324	Jx
AJ Ellis	.321	LV
Xavier Paul	.316	LV
John Lindsey	.316	LV
James Tomlin	.313	Jx
Andrew Locke	.311	IE
John-F Griffin	.310	LV
Andrew Lambo	.295	GL/Jx
Austin Gallagher .293	IE

  On-base pct	obp	tm
AJ Ellis	.436	LV
Ivan DeJesus	.419	Jx
Terry Tiffee	.416	LV
John Lindsey	.407	LV
John-F Griffin	.386	LV
James Tomlin	.379	Jx
Xavier Paul	.378	LV
Juan Gonzalez	.375	Jx
Jason Repko	.373	LV
Bridger Hunt	.369	IE

 Slugging	slug	tm
Terry Tiffee	.561	LV
John Lindsey	.557	LV
John-F Griffin	.527	LV
Thomas Giles	.505	IE
Andrew Lambo	.482	GL/Jx
Andrew Locke	.477	IE
Xavier Paul	.463	LV
AJ Ellis	.456	LV
Austin Gallagher .456	IE
Jason Repko	.449	LV

 On-base + slugging
	        ops	tm
Terry Tiffee	.977	LV
John Lindsey	.964	LV
John Griffin	.913	LV
AJ Ellis	.892	LV
Thomas Giles	.862	IE
Ivan DeJesus	.842	Jx
Andrew Locke	.842	IE
Xavier Paul	.841	LV
Andrew Lambo	.833	GL/Jx
Jason Repko	.822	LV

 Games	        gm	tm
Jamie Hoffmann	133	Jx
John Lindsey	133	LV
Russ Mitchell	133	Jx
Adam Godwin	132	Jx
Andrew Lambo	131	GL/Jx
Ivan DeJesus	128	Jx
Jaime Pedroza	128	IE
Jovanny Rosario	127	GL
Thomas Giles	126	IE
Andrew Locke	122	IE

 Runs	        runs	tm
Ivan DeJesus	91	Jx
Jason Repko	89	LV
John Lindsey	85	LV
Xavier Paul	82	LV
Andrew Locke	81	IE
Thomas Giles	78	IE
Jaime Pedroza	78	IE
Terry Tiffee	73	LV
Angel Chavez	68	LV
Jovanny Rosario	68	GL

 Hits	        hits	tm
John Lindsey	152	LV
Ivan DeJesus	150	Jx
Andrew Lambo	150	GL/Jx
Terry Tiffee	148	LV
Andrew Locke	146	IE
Xavier Paul	140	LV
Jaime Pedroza	139	IE
Angel Chavez	135	LV
Jamie Hoffmann	133	Jx
Thomas Giles	132	IE

 Doubles	2b	tm
Terry Tiffee	39	LV
Andrew Locke	37	IE
John Lindsey	36	LV
Andrew Lambo	35	GL/Jx
Eduardo Perez	34	GL/IE
Austin Gallagher 33	IE
Angel Chavez	31	LV
Jaime Pedroza	31	IE
James Tomlin	31	Jx
Thomas Giles	30	IE

 Triples	3b	tm
Jovanny Rosario	10	GL
Christian Lara	8	IE
Tray Robinson	8	IE
Jaime Pedroza	7	IE
Jason Repko	7	LV
Thomas Giles	5	IE
Xavier Paul	5	LV

 Home runs	hr	tm
John Lindsey	26	LV
Thomas Giles	22	IE
Andrew Lambo	18	GL/Jx
Russ Mitchell	16	Jx
Juan Gonzalez	14	Jx
John-F Griffin	14	LV
Lucas May	13	Jx
Jaime Ortiz	13	GL
Jason Repko	12	LV
Andrew Locke	11	IE

 Runs batted in	rbi	tm
Thomas Giles	100	IE
John Lindsey	100	LV
Andrew Lambo	 91	GL/Jx
Andrew Locke	 85	IE
Russ Mitchell	 75	Jx
Jamie Hoffmann	 71	Jx
Terry Tiffee	 69	LV
Angel Chavez	 68	LV
Xavier Paul	 68	LV
John-F Griffin	 67	LV

 Stolen bases	sb-cs	tm
Jovanny Rosario	39-14	GL
Adam Godwin	31- 5	Jx
Ryan Rogowski	30- 7	IE
Jamie Hoffmann	28- 9	Jx
Erik Kanaby	26-19	GL
Jaime Pedroza	25-11	IE
Tray Robinson	22-12	IE
Jason Repko	20- 6	LV
Xavier Paul	17- 7	LV
Ivan DeJesus	16- 2	Jx


 Wins	        w-l	tm
Steven Johnson	12-8	GL/IE
Jason Johnson	11-5	LV
Dwayne Pollok	10-5	LV
Cody White	10-9	IE/Jx
Victor Garate	 9-3	GL/IE
Joshua Wall	 9-6	IE
Matthew Sartor	 8-5	GL/IE
Heath Totten	 8-5	LV
Jesus Castillo	 7-4	Jx
James McDonald	 7-4	Jx/LV
Marlon Arias	 7-3	Jx
Eric Stults	 7-7	LV

 Saves	        sv	tm
Miguel Ramirez 	20	GL
Brent Leach	15	IE/JX
Paul Koss	14	IE
Jacobo Meque	12	IE/JX
Mike Koplove	 9	LV
Eduardo Sierra	 8	JX/LV
Robert Blevins	 5	GL
Matthew Sartor	 5	GL/IE
Dwayne Pollok	 4	LV
Francisco Felix	 3	IE/LV

 Games	        gm	tm
Brent Leach	49	IE/Jx
Paul Koss	48	IE
Greg Miller	48	LV
Matthew Sartor	45	GL/IE
Eduardo Sierra	43	Jx/LV
Miguel Ramirez 	43	GL
Jordan Pratt	42	IE
Mike Koplove	41	LV
Dwayne Pollok	40	LV
Francisco Felix	40	IE/LV

 Games started	gs	tm
Timothy Sexton	26	IE
Cody White	26	IE/JX
James McDonald	26	Jx/LV
James Adkins	26	IE/Jx
Joshua Wall	25	IE
Justin Miller	25	GL
Steven Johnson	24	GL/IE
Miguel Pinango	24	LV
Jesus Castillo	23	Jx
Justin Orenduff	21	LV
Albert Bastardo	21	IE

 Innings	 in	tm
Cody White	145.2	IE/JX
Timothy Sexton	141.2	IE
James McDonald	141.0	Jx/LV
Justin Miller	140.0	GL/IE
Miguel Pinango	136.0	LV
Albert Bastardo	131.2	IE
Joshua Wall	129.0	IE
Steven Johnson	125.0	GL/IE
Given Kutz	126.0	IE/LV
James Adkins	125.0	IE/Jx

 Earned run average
    [starters]	era	tm
Victor Garate	2.79	GL/IE
Jesus Castillo	3.24	Jx
James McDonald	3.26	Jx/LV
Eric Stults	3.82	LV
Jason Johnson	3.82	LV
Justin Miller	3.99	GL
Given Kutz	4.14	IE/LV
Heath Totten	4.30	LV
Steven Johnson	4.32	GL/IE
Marlon Arias	4.90	Jx

 Earned run average
  [relief[	era	tm
Scott Elbert	2.40	Jx
Brent Leach	2.60	IE/Jx
Matt Riley	2.88	LV
Robert Blevins	2.96	GL
Matthew Sartor	3.12	GL/IE
Jacobo Meque	3.19	IE/Jx
Blake Brannon	3.19	GL/IE
Mike Koplove	3.46	LV
Paul Koss	3.50	IE
Trav Schlichting 3.77	Jx

 Walks+hits per 9 innings
    [starters]	whip	tm
James Adkins	1.70	IE/Jx
Given Kutz	1.53	IE/LV
Albert Bastardo	1.54	IE
B.J. LaMura	1.60	Jx/LV
Cody White	1.54	IE/JX
Eric Stults	1.30	LV
Given Kutz	1.21	GL
Heath Totten	1.57	LV
James McDonald	1.19	Jx/LV
Steven Johnson	1.38	GL/IE

 Walks+hits per 9 innings
    [starters]	whip	tm
Anthony Tomey	1.71	GL/Jx
Blake Brannon	1.16	GL/IE
Brent Leach	1.28	IE/Jx
Brian Akin	2.36	Jx/JV
Danny Muegge	1.47	Jx
David Pfeiffer	1.61	IE
Dwayne Pollok	1.34	LV
Eduardo Sierra	1.42	Jx/LV
Francisco Felix	1.24	IE/LV
Greg Jones	1.86	LV

 Strikeouts	 so	tm
Victor Garate	150	GL/IE
James McDonald	141	Jx/LV
Steven Johnson	112	GL/IE
Albert Bastardo	109	IE
Eric Stults	102	LV
Joshua Wall	101	IE
James Adkins	100	IE/Jx
Given Kutz	 97	IE/LV
Jason Johnson	 95	LV
Justin Orenduff	 95	LV

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
     [starters]	 so/9	tm
Victor Garate	11.64	GL/IE
James McDonald	 9.00	Jx/LV
Jonathan Meloan	 8.49	LV
Steven Johnson	 8.06	GL/IE
Eric Stults	 7.83	LV
Justin Orenduff	 7.77	LV
Jason Johnson	 7.57	LV
B.J. LaMura	 7.54	Jx/LV
Albert Bastardo	 7.48	IE
Joshua Wall	 7.05	IE

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
    [relief]	 so/9	tm
Matthew Sartor	11.60	GL/IE
Anthony Tomey	11.31	GL/Jx
Jacobo Meque	10.88	IE/Jx
Robert Blevins	10.64	GL
Blake Brannon	10.48	GL/IE
Jordan Pratt	10.43	IE
Daigoro Rondon	10.08	GL
Scott Elbert	10.07	Jx
Francisco Felix	 9.00	IE/LV

 Hits per 9 innings
     [starters]	 h/9	tm
James McDonald	7.34	Jx/LV
Victor Garate	8.15	GL/IE
Justin Miller	8.49	GL
Eric Stults	9.06	LV
Steven Johnson	9.14	GL/IE
Given Kutz	9.41	GL
Jesus Rodriguez	9.54	Jx
Given Kutz	9.57	IE/LV
Jesus Castillo	9.71	Jx

 Hits per 9 innings
    [relief]	 h/9	tm
Scott Elbert	4.82	Jx
Blake Brannon	5.56	GL/IE
Jordan Pratt	6.39	IE
Eduardo Sierra	6.77	Jx/LV
Brent Leach	6.86	IE/Jx
Jacobo Meque	7.12	IE/Jx
Mike Koplove	7.14	LV
Matthew Sartor	7.21	GL/IE
Miguel Sanfler	7.50	GL
Francisco Felix	7.54	IE/LV

 Walks per 9 innings
     [starters]	bb/9	tm
Heath Totten	1.23	LV
Given Kutz	1.71	IE/LV
Timothy Sexton	2.29	IE
Jason Johnson	2.39	LV
Miguel Pinango	2.51	LV
Jesus Castillo	2.61	Jx
Eric Stults	2.69	LV
Victor Garate	3.26	GL/IE
Steven Johnson	3.31	GL/IE

 Walks per 9 innings
    [relief]	bb/9	tm
Dwayne Pollok	1.71	LV
Robert Blevins	2.61	GL
Danny Muegge	2.63	Jx
Trav Schlichting 2.74	Jx
David Pfeiffer	2.94	IE
Mike Koplove	2.99	LV
Matthew Sartor	2.99	GL/IE

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