Can a Leopard Change His Spots?

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, faced with the prospect of paying Ned Colletti for a year for doing nothing, decided to keep his beleaguered GM around for another year. That decision - with the Dodgers facing more roster decisions than in many years and more than Colletti has faced to date - puts a huge, huge gamble on the Dodgers.

Can Colletti do better than he has in his first several years? He has to!. First the Schmidt year then the Andruw Jones year.

It's going to take more than the usual organizational meetings for the Dodgers to retrofit for 20009 and beyond. More of the same ain't enough.

Doing nothing would be better than what Colletti has done so far, saddling his field management, delighting the opposition and putting totally worthless financial handcuffs on the team.

Face it, Ned Colletti is the worst Dodgers GM since the 1930s. He genuinely has made Paul DePodesta look like a raving genius.

The Dodgers need change they can believe in even more than the nation needed - or was massaged into thinking they did - Barack Obama. They began the change process by playing Alice in Wonderland - running faster and faster to stay where they were.

KC got off to a running start stealing 30 HR Mike Jacobs from Florida (for a pitcher who had arm problems last year). Jacobs could have been retooled into the Dodgers outfield nicely.

Where were Colletti & Company? Jacobs was paid $395,000 for his 30 homers - about what Manny Ramirez was paid every game he played.

Let's see. Same GM. Same manager. Same pitching coach - with a team that can't keep a pitching staff healthy, evaluate pitching talent, and desperately needs pitching first. Same coaching staff. How is this supposed to help, one might ask.

Our thoughts and advice may not be valued highly, but here's some unsolicited advice:

[1-  Do not consider any and all Scott Boras clients - period.

[2-  Look at the entire free agent class as over-expensive, over-hyped guys who'd have already been locked up long term IF their upside matched their self perceived ideas of their worth.

[3-  Forget the buy high, sell low practice and switch it around to sell, sell, sell. Get the budget in line by eating losses now.

[4-  Figure this: if a player his a profile that is figured favorably by fans and lazy media types, be assured they have gotten there by good years in the past - BUT this is NO guarantee even more good years are in the future,particularly as they get older and older and older.

[5-  If you want  to hang onto the fans, remember this. George Bush wore out his welcome in a whole lot less than 8 years and Dodgers fans are now going into their 21st year.

So endeth the lesson.