Ramirez Adds Name to RBI Records

Manny Ramirez had a pair of big RBI months, August and September, the only two months he was in Dodger Blue. He knocked in 28 in September and 25 in August to top the 2008 Los Angeles monthly charts. His performance in September ties him for ninth on the all time L.A. list.

As solid as Ramirez's figures were, he didn't get close to James Loney who knocked in 32 runs in September of 2007 -- 37% of his entire seasons total -- and put his name in third place, trailing Frank Howard (41) and Mike Marshall (37). His 32 ribbies puts him in good company on the all-time list. He tied with a couple sluggers named Roy Campanella and Duke Snider.

Loney couldn't match his 2007 performance, but he earned three spots on the 2008 top 10 marks, driving in 19 in April and July and 17 in September.

 2008 list
28—Manny Ramirez, September
25—Manny Ramirez, August
19—James Loney, April
19—James Loney, July
18—Brad DeWitt, May
18—Andre Ethier, September

17—Blake DeWitt, August
17—James Loney, September
16—Jeff Kent, April
16—Matt Kemp, April
Snider and Howard who each knocked in 41 runs and hold the top RBI per month record. Snider knocked in 41 in August of 1953, while in 1961 Howard also had his big month in August.

Dating back to 1941, Dodger players have topped 30 RBI in a month 19 times with August the most popular month (8). June and July (3) are the next most productive periods.

Traditionally, regular season play started sometime in the middle of April, making it difficult to rack up a large number of RBI. In recent years, the schedule kicked off early in April and Ron Cey's 29 in 1977 is the top L.A. total for the opening month.

Snider topped the 30 mark five times while in Brooklyn, Hodges and Campanella 4 each.

Mike Piazza knocked in 27 runs three times for Los Angeles and also had 28 RBI in June of 1994. Darryl Strawberry and Raul Mondesi placed their names on the L.A. list twice.

  Month by month record
29—Ron Cey April, 1977
28—Gil Hodges May, 1953
34—Gil Hodges, June, 1953
34—Duke Snider June, 1954

33—Gil Hodges July, 1955
41—Duke Snider, August 1953
41—Frank Howard, August, 1962
37—Mike Marshall, Sep.-Oct 1985

  LA Top RBI months
41—Frank Howard, August, 1962
37—Mike Marshall, Sep.-Oct 1985
33—Tommy Davis, June, 1962
31—Kal Daniels Sep-Oct, 1990
30—Ron Fairly June, 1964

30—Steve Garvey June, 1977
30—Brian Jordan Sept-Oct, 2002
29—Ron Cey April, 1977
28—Darryl Strawberry August, 1991
28—Darryl Strawberry Sep-Oct, 1991
28—Mike Piazza June, 1994
28—Manny Ramirez, 2008

27—Wes Parker May, 1972
27—Mike Piazza Sep-Oct, 1993
27—Mike Piazza August, 1997
27—Mike Piazza Sep-Oct, 1997
27—Eric Karros July, 1997
27—Raul Mondesi May, 1998
27—Eric Karros June, 1998

41—Duke Snider, August 1953
41—Frank Howard, August, 1962
38—Gil Hodges May, 1953
37—Mike Marshall, Sep.-Oct 1985
34—Gil Hodges, June, 1953
34—Carl Furillo August, 1954
34—Duke Snider June, 1954

33—Gil Hodges July, 1955
33—Tommy Davis, June, 1962
32—Roy Campanella May, 1953
32—Roy Campanella August, 1953
32—Roy Campanella August, 1952

32—Duke Snider June, 1955
31—Jackie Robinson July, 1950
31—Gil Hodges August, 1957
30—Dolph Camilli August, 1941
30—Roy Campanella May, 1955
30—Duke Snider July, 1955
30—Duke Snider August, 1956
30—Brian Jordan Sept-Oct, 2002

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