Dodgers Top 50 Prospects Starts Monday

The annual Top 50 Prospects Review starts on Monday, with photos, statistics and stories on the best and brightest in the Los Angeles system.

We will start with #50 on Monday and progress right up the ladder until we present the top 20 prospects.

Listed below are the top 20 from last season. Follow us as we build toward the players we think will be the future of the Dodgers organiziation.

The 2007 listings: 2007 Dodgers Top 20 Prospects 1. Clayton Kershaw, 20, LHP: Power lefty could be in Dodger Blue by fall 2. Andy LaRoche, 24, 3b: Power and average; heir apparent for third base job 3. Tony Abreu, 23, 2b-3b: Accomplished fielder, good hitter waiting for chance 4. Jon Meloan, 23, RHP: Double-A reliever of year armed and ready 5. James McDonald, 23, RHP: May need one more year in minors but close 6. Scott Elbert, 22, LHP: Injuries cut his season but still top prospect 7. Chin-Lung Hu, 24, ss: Bulked up to add pop, possesses major league 8. Blake DeWitt, 24, 3b: Has both power and pure swing; ready to blossom 9. Delwyn Young, 25, of: Pure hitter waiting for a chance to deliver 10. Greg Miller, 23, LHP: Control problems keep him out of The Show 11. Justin Orenduff, 25, RHP: Recovering from operation, close to ready 12. Ivan De Jesus, 21, ss: Sparkled in spring training, progressing nicely 13. Cory Wade, 25, RHP: Breakout season for pure middle reliever 14. Josh Bell, 21, 3b: Good power from both sides, questionable fielder 15. Xavier Paul, 23, of: Solid season, progressing through the system 16. Miguel Pinango, 24, rhp: Free agent pickup had solid 2007 season 17. Russell Mitchell, 25, 1b-3b: Solid hitter, looking for a position 18. Steve Johnson, 20, RHP: Strong second half after early injuries 19. Ramon Troncoso, 25, RHP: Making his mark out of the bullpen 20. Lucas May, 23, c: Top power prospect in system, may not stay a catcher