Ten Reasons to Consider Adam Dunn

Manny Ramirez' agent, Scott Boras, has largely given the Dodgers the silent treatment of late. That is at least until the Dodgers slipped out the thought they might be interested in Adam Dunn. Boras responded in two ways, first leaving a voice message to the Dodgers and then countering with the idea the hated Giants were really, really in on the Manny hunt.

So much for the gamesmanship.

But, gamesmanship aside, Dunn is interesting.

First, Adam Dunn comes cheaper, lots cheaper.

Second, he at least makes an honest attempt to play baseball even when he has a glove on rather than a bat in his hands.

Third, forget the batting average and strikeouts. Adam Dunn always gets 100 plus walks, which,if figured into his hits, sends his on-base percentage way up there.

Fourth, Dunn has some speed, can both steal an occasional base and also chase down potential gappers in the outfield.

Fifth, he is  less a potential distraction in the clubhouse - light years different than Manny.

Sixth, his homers and RBI are in the Manny Ramirez class.

Seventh, he comes without Boras, baseball's Jack Maloff, the Ponzi king.

Eight,  his signing still would  leave the Dodgers a few dollars left to address their real need, additionaL pItching!

Ninth, Dunn's power is real - no warning track stuff (like Bobby Abreu).

Tenth, while he might not be the good Manny, he sure is not the bad Manny either.

Quick Notes
Joe Torre overworked Scott Proctor in both New York and LA, worked him right into arm problems. Proctor now is a Florida Marlin. ...Chan Ho Park did well enough in his comeback year to get a deal in Philadelphia. ...Brad Penny was only able to get a $5 million base in Boston, quite a comedown from what he would have gotten last year or the year before.

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