Prospect #21 - 2B Tony Delmonico

The Dodgers picked a virtual hitting machine when they selected Tony Delmonico from Florida State as their sixth selection in 2008. He played a number of sports in high school and was an All-state shortstop in High School ranked 28th nationally by one major publication among top freshmen to watch when he enrolled at the University of Tennessee. He transferred to Florida State before being drafted.

6-0 195 BR TR
Born- April 27, 1987
Obtained- Dodgers sixth pick in 2009 draft

He was named a Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American and earned a spot on the SEC All-Freshman Team as a freshman As a sophomore at Tennessee he led the team in runs scored, home runs, RBIs and walks and hit .335 and had a team-best .421 on-base percentage in 2006. In his two years with the Vols, Delmonico hit .329 with 12 home runs and 85 RBIs.

Transferring to Florida State he hit .374 with 69 rbi, a .455 on-base percentage and a on-base plus slugging (OPS) of 1.014, helping his team into the College World Series.

Delmonico had been in contact with representatives from Milwaukee and the New York Mets, but the Dodgers weren't on the radar until he heard his name called.

"I always dreamed of playing for Joe Torre and the New York Yankees," the Florida State junior shortstop said.

"It was getting frustrating waiting (to get selected), but once they said L.A. Dodgers and Joe Torre, I was excited," he said. "Everything happens for a reason. "I didn't get drafted as high as I thought I should have, but I was tickled to death with the Dodgers and I couldn't be happier."

Delmonico was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers and first-year manager Joe Torre in the sixth round with overall pick No. 187.

"I didn't even get a call from the Dodgers," Delmonico said of his waiting game on Thursday. "I was on the phone with a Brewers guy who said they were going to take me in the fifth or sixth round. "Right when I least expect it, they say, 'Anthony Delmonico goes to the Los Angeles Dodgers.' I was shocked and excited at the same time."

"The Dodgers have a great organization and if you do well you'll move quick. That's what I'm excited about. I'll get my feet wet and get started in pro ball."

"I love his blue collar ethics," Logan White, Dodgers Assistant Manager, Scouting said. "I think he will be a second baseman with a good bat, average range, above average skills and well above average gamesmanship. We were impressed with his all-around skills that we think will take him to the Major Leagues.

"We wanted to pair him with Devaris Strange-Gordon at Ogden as a shortstop-second base tandem. He would be good for Devaris became the young kid has all the tools and Delmoico has been well-coached."

White later suggested that Delmonico was one two of the players he selected in the 2008 Player Draft might, at some point, trade in their infielder's gloves for some catching gear.

The other was Austin Yount, the nephew of Hall of Famer Robin Yount, has no such malady. But, like Delmonico, he also offers an intriguing possibility behind the plate.

"I think catching is neat," Delmonico said. "I'm sure I'll start playing middle infield when I sign and then if I convert to catcher, it would be in the fall. It doesn't surprise me at all. Middle infielders have good arms and catching is scarce. A lot of Major League teams are doing it."

Delmonico caught until he was 15 years old and has played shortstop and occasionally pitched in summer ball.

"I think it's his best position," said the elder Delmonico, coached his son at Tennessee and was an assistant coach at Florida State. "He has a very good arm, he's a very good athlete and he can catch and throw. I think it's his best chance to move up the ladder. He can be really good behind the plate.

"He caught a little last during the Team USA trials and he also caught a little during his sophomore and junior years in high school. And he's caught a little bit in summer ball. He's been doing it all his life so it would be an easy transition."

"Russell Martin was quick and a very good third baseman in the Gulf Coast League. But we knew right away that we needed to make the move behind the plate with him. So, I think we can make that move fairly early but at the same time, we have to weight how well they [Delmonico and Yount] are playing their current position. If they are offensive enough to stay in the middle of the diamond, you may want to leave him there."

Delmonico (.340) and Yount (.301) each hit well at Ogden and perhaps that might change the proposed move behind the plate.

Delmonico's average was second only to Travis Vetter's .404 among Dodgers short season players. He was also second with .443 on-base percentage, led with a .716 slugging avrage and was second in OPS with a 1.159 mark.

He was also in the top five in doubles, home runs and runs batted in. He was second in runs created with 41.92.

He will move to Inland Empire next season unless he demonstrates during spring training that he would profit from moving all the way up to AA Chattanooga.

Tony Delmonico

year  team    ave   obp    ops  gm   ab   r   h  2b 3b  hr  bi  sb
2008  Ogden  .340  .443  1.159  35  141  38  48  20  0  13  39   0