Shopping for Left Fielders

Checking the Bill James 2009 Handbook, we have listed the projections for the Dodgers starting lineup and the pitching staff. In addition we have provided a number of individual items you might find interesting.

We have provided, your reading enjoyment, four left fielders of which you can examine or mix and match. We did not include second baseman Orlando Hudson, of whom the Dodgers have had little apparent interest.

It is interesting to see that Blake DeWitt pretty much provides the same sort of offense that the more expensive Casey Blake. And the Ramirez-Dunn-Abreu comparison aren't as great as one might think.

Even with the addition of Randy Wolf, it can be seen that the pitching department will lean heavily on a number of young arms.

 Position players  ave   obp   ops   gm   ab   r    h  2b 3b  hr rbi  
C  Russell Martin .292  .390  .829  147  535  91  156  30  2  15  79
1b James Loney    .295  .361  .794  161  546  66  161  34  4  13  81
2b Blake DeWitt   .261  .333  .727  125  371  42   97  15  2  10  48
SS Rafael Furcal  .286  .354  .763  119  486  82  139  25  4   9  44  
3b Casey Blake    .259  .336  .768  110  336  45   87  20  2  12  46
RF Andre Ethier   .303  .374  .867  143  532  81  161  36  4  19  79
CF Matt Kemp      .311  .360  .857  155  562  96  175  37  5  19  80

LF Juan Pierre    .292  .340  .696  117  394  54  115  14  4   1  26 
LF Manny Ramirez  .301  .404  .955  150  552  95  166  34  1  34 113
LF Adam Dunn      .246  .386  .913  159  562 100  138  30  1  42 103
LF Bobby Abreu    .286  .389  .844  159  604 104  173  41  2  19 100

 Starters          w-l   era  gm  gs   in    h  bb   so
Chad Billingsley  12-9  3.69  33  30  193  174  84  189
Hiroki Kuroda     12-10 3.87  31  31  192  193  54  125     
Jason Schmidt      2-1  3.37   6   6   34   39   2    1
Randy Wolf        10-12 4.29  32  32  195  198  70  161

 Relievers	   w-l   era  gm  gs  sv  in  h  bb   so
Jonathan Broxton   4-3  3.03  70   0  30  70  56  27  87
Hong-Chic Kuo      5-3  3.34  52   0   0  69  59  27  84 
 Other pitchers don't have enough Major League statistical 
information to make a prediction.
Manny'$ Money
Obviously Manny Ramirez is looking for the highest and longest contract he can get but it can't be because of a lack of cash. During his 15 year career, he has made a total of $162,149,269.00 (not including endorsements).

A few other illuminating facts about the $25 million Manny Ramirez turned down from the Dodgers:
Manny's hourly wage based on 40 hour work week: $12,019.23 per hour
v Average American salary in 2006: $42,028
v Average American hourly wage based on 40 hour work week: $20.21 per hour
v How many years the average American would have to work to make $25,000,000: 595 years
v Years in the Dominican Republic you would have to work to make $25,000,000 : 4,026 years.

Abreu May Come Cheap
The Boston Globe writes "The feeling is that Bobby Abreu may have to sign for about $3 million on a one-year or two-year deal. At that price, the Dodgers, Angels, Mets and Braves would have big-time interest. Another team hot after him is Seattle.

The Globe also notes, "The Dodgers remain the team that makes the most sense for him. Except for a $1 million relocation bonus, Frank McCourt got Manny Ramirez for free from Aug. 1 on, and Ramrez put on a scintillating display that electrified the fans. "Maybe," said a rival NL West official, "Frank McCourt can raise it to $28 million or $30 million for one year. If he did that and Ramrez walked away, all you can do is shake your head and know you did all you can do."

That's Some Contract
With the economy in the dumper, a quick look at some player contracts makes you realize that they have a different mindset. Not just the huge sums, but the remarkable extra perks they ask for.

Utility infielders are paid more than corporate chief executives and even the greenest first-year players are guaranteed a minimum annual salary of $400,000 -- same as another rookie of some renown, President Obama.

But to cite just a couple other examples, you find former Dodger Derek Lowe has talked the Braves into providing him a hotel suite whenever the team is on the road. The same bonus was given to Milwaukee's Trevor Hoffman, Philadelphia's Raul Ibanez, Tampa Bay's Pat Burrell, Cleveland's Kerry Wood and the New York Mets' Francisco Rodriguez.

Last year, the Dodgers gave Hiroki Kuroda eight first-class plane tickets, an interpreter for his family, a personal trainer and masseur, and a $30,000 moving allowance while also agreeing to pay his visa fees.

A recently amended contract catcher Miguel Olivo signed with Kansas City is nearly as lengthy as War and Peace and has more side deals than a political convention, including 10 bonuses for games played and another 10 based on plate appearances.

And then there is Alex Rodriguez, who negotiated his $252-million contract with the Texas Rangers, he had a clause calling for a $150,000 bonus if he was selected MVP of the division series.

There is no MVP in the division series.

Dodgers May get $$ Back
Ken Gurnick, also pointed out that Andruw Jones, who was released last month with the Dodgers still owing $21.1 million of his original two-year, $36.2 million contract, has agreed to a $500,000 deal with the Texas Rangers, if he can make the Major League roster, and an additional $1 thrown in he he reaches 620 plate appearances.

If those two requirements come into being the Mississippi will run backwards and the oil companies will adjust their gasoline prices to the actual cost of crude. But if it does come about, the Dodgers could receive as much as $750,000 back.

Way't Go, Billy
Former Dodgers outfielder Billy Ashley co-stars in a new reality series, "Househusbands of Hollywood," premiering in August on Fox Reality Channel. Ashley is married to celebrity makeup artist Lisa Ashley.

Dodger Blue Notes-- Shortstop Ivan De Jesus was invited to spring training by the Dodgers. And in minor league signings that have fallen below the radar on MLB-TV, Houston signed OF Reggie Abercrombie, Philadelphia signed 3B Terry Tiffee, Seattle signed RHP Eric Hull, Washington signed LHP Odalis Perez, Cincinnati signed OF-1b Daryl Ward, Tampa Bay signed RHP Tom Gordon (father of the Dodgers infielder Devaris Gordon) and the Mets signed LHP Elmer Dessens.

Lee Wheat Obituary-- RHP Lee Wheat died in Ft. Lauderdale at the age of 78. He was signed by the Indians in 1948 and in 1949 was 19-7 for Dayton but the Korean War got in the way of his career. When he returned he was traded to Philadelphia and made his 11-game MLB debut in 1953 and 1954 with the Athletics. In 1956 he was traded to the Dodgers and spent two years accumulating a 7-6. 5.66 at one of their AAA farm clubs, St. Paul (the other was Montreal). He retired, then came back in 1959 to record a 1-2 record for New Orleans in the Southern Association.

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