Dodgers Sweeten Deal; Manny Says Nyet

A proposed two-year, $45 million offer to outfielder Manny Ramirez has been met by the usual 'Nyet' and his agent Steve Boras and the Dodgers remain "in the middle of negotiations", an action that has been going on since the 2008 season ended.

The Dodgers' latest proposal, which would pay Ramirez $25 million this season and a player option of $20 million in 2010, according to baseball sources who weren't authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

Boras had no comments on the negotiations except to say that Ramirez had not signed with the Dodgers and that "there was at least one other team talking to him."

Some feel that the Dodgers should have made some sort of deal while sluggers Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu were still available, but the club was never in the drivers season and wouldn't have been unless they agreed to the four year deal Manny is demanding.

And both Ramirez and his agent know that the Dodgers have little option but to play Juan Pierre in left field if they cannot come to an agreement. That thought causes sleepless nights among Dodger fans and, if truth be told, among many in the front office.

In November, the Dodgers made a two-year, $45 million contract offer with a $15 million option that was never responded to before it was pulled off the table. A one-year, $25 million offer extended more than three weeks ago was quickly rejected.

Although Boras was believed to still be seeking at least a four-year guarantee, the Dodgers were determined not to wind up bidding against themselves when, at least in there opinion, were no other teams bidding against them.

Talks with Boras had become "more frequent and longer in duration," according to Colletti on Saturday and the GM was not in attendance at the game against the Cubs February 26.

Dodgers' spokesman Josh Rawich said that General Manager Ned Colletti, Owner Frank McCourt and Boras met in Los Angeles and it is assumed that talks are continuing.

It would seem that the Dodgers must at least guarantee the second year of the contract -- and perhaps that might not be enough. At least the different sides are talking and that its a small victory in itself.

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