Dear Boss--

By now, your covered wagon, having left Nebraska, must be nearing the Albert Gore Line (where global warming will thaw out your wintered bones). A lot has happened since your journey began.

The NFL boss has taken a 25 per cent voluntary salary cut, the league is cutting all salaries and slashing  jobs. The NFL  teams are cutting old and high paid players to curtail spending - as if in mortal fear their fans won't have enough Obama dollars left by the time the  next season starts.

The NBA is said to be needing hundreds of millions of Obama dollars to keep their shaky franchises afloat, amid fear the worsening economy will, egad, spread to their own version of pampered idiots.

Our own Dodgers have fessed up that they have not been able to sell out the Arizona experiment as fast as they had thought or planned on.

The Manny Ramirez fiasco is in another iteration of pin the tail  on the  donkey except nobody knows who exactly is the donkey - there being so many worthy candidates.

The owner, who arrived with short money albeit worthy goals, is playing the economy card.

You'll remember he got Manny free last year and is reluctant to pay him real (his own) money (which he may or may not have) in a down economy.

To wit, the owner has raised the stakes to scare Brothers Ramirez and Boras by signing the indomitable Doug Mientkevich (sic) (real spelling only known  in such places as Krakow and Warsaw). [Ed note: Mientkiewicz is correct].

The LA times punctured the team's spin by unveiling the fact the  Dodgers wanted to pay Manny for work done this year (and maybe next) not now but sometime later. It seems a couple of pages from the Obama playbook have worked their way into Dodgers headquarters surely figuring if you can fool the nation maybe you can fool Scott Boras.

Now Boras, a charter member of the firm of Ponzi, Madoff, Sterling et. al. was having none of this, figuring the Dodgers were giving the old sleight of hand a very bad name indeed.

Who is doing the better Pinnocchio imitation is a bit hard to figure out what with an avaricious agent and a nervous owner arguing about money in a time when nobody has any. (Who do you borrow from when the bank is broke?)

The NFL and NBA are showing signs of recognizing reality. Golfer Greg Norman advises his colleagues ought to  be willing to  play for less in these days.

Meanwhile, the Boras side of the Boras-McCourt heavyweight battle figures the McCourt side HAS to blink and the McCourt side is countering with the defense that it is hard for a blind man to blink.

Boss, try  not to be laughing to hard at all this silliness or the Nebraska wagon will be veering off he road. Not to worry, the Dodgers recently scored 16 runs without Manny.

Mr. Juan Castro had two hits.

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