MANny oh MANny, Has Ramirez Signed? reports that the Dodgers and Manny Ramirez have agreed on a two-year contract for $45 million on Tuesday. The Dodgers had announced earlier that Ramirez agent, Scott Boras, had declined the team's fourth offer for he outfielder.

The contract, $25 million for 2009 and a $20 million option with a player option for 2010

According to the source, the outfielder is expected to travel to Los Angeles on Tuesday night. Ramirez would then report to the Dodgers' spring training camp in Arizona.

However, Scott Boras, Ramirez]s agent said, "I'm still working on it, but it's yet to be finalized," responding to the ESPN Desportes report that the deal was done

Negotiations have been on and off since the 2008 season ended and the Dodgers offered arbitration, which Manny promptly declined.

Offers, counter offers, countless phone conversations and face to face discussions have not born fruit and tempers have flared.

Recently Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said negotiations with Manny Ramirez would restart from scratch, after the slugging outfielder's agent Scott Boras made a third counterproposal to the offer the Dodgers made.

McCourt said at the time the latest phase of negotiations ended the when agent Scott Boras did not give him a simple yes or no answer and instead made him a counteroffer for a two-year, $45-million contract that included deferred payments without any added interest.

Boras then made two counteroffers: two years at $55 million with interest-free deferred payments and an opt-out clause; and two years at $45 million, none of it deferred, with an opt-out clause.  

Boras announced his proposal in a news release that read:

"We have continued to work with Ned [Colletti] and the Dodgers to do away with the artificial barriers and attempt get a deal completed. There is no issue with deferral money being part of any contract; just want to make sure the value is stated accurately and appropriately.

"Our most recent offer Saturday morning covered two years with some deferred compensation ($43.5m net present value). Manny directed me to compromise between the Dodgers' last offer of $42 million net present value ($45 million with deferred compensation) and our $45 million without deferred money. However, we have yet to hear from them on our last three offers."

The release included a quote from Ramirez that read: "I would not allow negotiations to take place without being involved and talk to Scott nearly every day. I have given Scott offers that he has given to the Dodgers and he has given me all offers from the team."

There is no indication of what the actual terms of the contract are and there has been no official announcement by the Dodgers.