Injury Report: Suzanne Holmes

For the many wonderful people who expressed their concern about our daughter-in-law Suzanne Holmes, you will be pleased to know that the crushed vertebra she suffered will not need surgery.

Apparently the car she was driving, along with her daughters Kelsey and Kyndal, hit an icy spot on a bridge over an irrigation canal. The car spun around a couple times and, without rolling, ended up in an adjacant field.

Suzanne was thrown from the front seat onto the floor of the back seat. Kelsey was also thrown into the back seat and Kyldal was tossed into the trunk, her foot kicking out the back window.

Suzanne was flown to Denver and xrays and cat scans indicated there was no need for surgery. She will be fitted for a brace later today or tomorrow.

The two younger girls were bruised and cut but none of the injuries were serious.

I would like to thank the dozens of people who sent their regards and offered prayers on behalf of the injured. We were overwhelmed with the response and intend to get back to each of you personally when time permits.

We are working out of a hotel room in Denver between visits to the hospital so if the information we post is a bit disjointed, you know the reason.

Again, a very heart-felt thank you to all who sent us messages, they helped a great deal.

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