Chiefs Won't Deal Cassel

Some rumors never die. They linger on like a bad smell in the basement. There are still free agents to sign, trades to be made and fresh, young talent to be added via April's draft. But the latest rumor, involving a potential quarterback shuffle between Washington, Denver and Kansas City, is quite frankly laughable.

We can all take our shots at the Chiefs new regime. New General Manager Scott Pioli has One Arrowhead Drive on lockdown. The office practically has a moat in front of it filled with killer piranhas.

Because of that, and because of the lack of news, many are wondering about what is really going on. With that silence, people are speculating that the Chiefs are about to make another big move.

This one includes recently acquired quarterback Matt Cassel. The latest rumor coming out of Washington is that the Chiefs would ship Cassel to Denver, Jay Cutler would land in Washington, and the Chiefs would get Redskins starter Jason Campbell.

There is no way this deal gets done.

Why would the Chiefs trade Cassel, whom they invested a second-round draft pick and committed to over $14 million in cap dollars this season, for a quarterback that, quite honestly, is terrible? Nothing against Campbell, but he's not Cassel and in my opinion is nothing more than a backup.

Why would the Chiefs help out the Broncos? Pioli and Broncos' coach Josh McDaniels are friends, but the boy wonder has been a colossal blunder thus far since he took over for Mike Shanahan in January.

McDaniels has not only alienated the fan base but some of his players, who have to be wondering if a 30-something has what it takes to get a grasp on the mess he's made. It began with his desire to land Cassel, so why would Pioli risk ending it by quenching that desire?

This entire mess has leveled the AFC West playing field. Behind the scenes, the Chiefs must be chuckling over their good fortune. By stealing Cassel away from New England while exposing Denver's dirty laundry in public, it makes it refreshing to know that Pioli has kept all of the details of his offseason plans under wraps.

In Denver, McDaniels, team owner Pat Bowlen and Cutler are screaming almost everything to the media. They've done nothing but make the entire organization look foolish in NFL circles. Their situation is now almost laughable and it will have a long term impact on their results as a franchise.

So if today Chiefs fans are wondering about rumors involving the Broncos and Redskins, I can tell you that the Chiefs are not going to trade Cassel to anyone at any price. Our Warpaint Illustrated Spring cover boy is hard at work learning KC's new offense and the team is committed to building more talent around him.

Though to date wide receiver Bobby Engram is the only real added talent, the Chiefs may not be done subtracting talent. There are still issues with Tony Gonzalez, Larry Johnson and Brian Waters. All three are unhappy campers and could be dealt prior to the draft.

But regardless of their future with the team, Pioli won't tip his hand before decisions are made and we likely won't know about it until that decision is final, because it won't be leaked beforehand.