McCourt Responds to Union's Grievance

The players' union filed a grievance yesterday in response to McCourt's announcement earlier this month about the "Ramirez provision" in which every player the Dodgers sign from here on out will be asked to fill in an amount of that player's choosing to be donated to the Dodgers Dream Foundation.

Dodger owner Frank McCourt's reaction: "I have not seen the grievance, but I find it odd that in these challenging times, that we encounter a complaint against the idea of players giving back to the communities that support them.

?"We believe there are qualities that represent the Dodger Way. The player's contributions to the team, appreciation of the fans, and impact on such a supportive community all combine to help our organization live up to our core values. We seek players who embrace these values.

?"The Ramirez Provision is a blank line to be filled in with whatever number a player chooses."

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