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From time to time I will be publishing a post interesting and unique and with a fresh point of view. This week taking a look at a post by a Dodgfan. He gives his thoughts on the Orlando Hudson signing and what it means not only for the Dodgers but also the Diamondbacks, as they will now receive two draft picks. One from the Dodgers and one from the MLB.

"First of all, if healthy, Orlando Hudson can be a great defender and an above average second baseman with the bat. The potential of both Rafael Furcal and Orlando Hudson at the top of the order, as well up the middle defensively is intriguing. Last season the Arizona Diamondbacks batted Hudson third in the lineup before his injury, and although he is not a prototypical power hitting guy, he does provide good plate discipline and solid pitch recognition. He is a solid hitter to say the least.

In retrospect, Hudson's injuries over the last couple seasons have to be a concern. In 2007 Hudson missed the last 21 games of the 2007 season, as well as the playoffs, after tearing ligaments in the wrist that he would later dislocate in August of 2008 (source:; thus, causing him to miss the remainder of the 2008 season.

Although, I have been extremely critical of the signing because of previous wrist injuries to players like Hideki Matsui, Derek Lee, Andy Laroche and Jason Werth required longer than a year to fully recover, it is important to note that Orlando Hudson's wrist injury did not involve broken bones but rather a dislocation.

Unlike the aforementioned players, Hudson could be the exception to the rule and recover faster, but then again the last two seasons may be indicative that there is something going on with that wrist.

Since Orlando Hudson has not been able to complete because of injuries with the same wrist, I would not be surprised if he spends his fair share of time on the disabled list. Joe Torre has already stated that special attention will be given to Hudson, to make sure he is completely healed before being rushed on the field. So that tells us field management shares similar concerns about his injuries.

Currently, our system does not possess any type A prospects, and given the depth of the first round talent in this draft, it could be said that not only are we forfeiting a first round pick to our divisional rival but possibly a high rated prospect.

When considering most players with wrist injuries fail to fully recover within their first season after their respective surgeries, the loss of the 17th overall pick and the lost opportunity to draft a much needed top rated prospect in our somewhat depleted system, along with the risk of having Hudson spend time on the disabled list, which could lead to the loss of his type A status, it can be said that this move has more chances of ending bad rather than good.

Now that Hudson is on-board I will be cheering for him and hoping he remains healthy, but the loss of this year's first round pick could be compounded by the loss of any compensation in next year's draft."

Peter Rivas (Dodgfan)

As Mr. Rivas has pointed out the Dodgers gave up a first round pick to acquire Hudson as well as the cash to sign him. It will also allow a supplemental pick from the MLB. Now if his lack of play makes his player rating drop, then upon letting Hudson go Los Angeles would not receive the same draft compensation as they gave up.

To me this shows over indulgence by the McCourts' in a "just win now" mold. If Hudson plays well this year the Dodgers have the ability to re-sign him. Not only though are the Dodgers putting faith in Hudson's ability to stay healthy but also are blocking their best prospect Blake DeWitt, who could have played that position.

Although drafted as a third baseman DeWitt has played second base before and with his bat improving I believe it made this move nothing more then a attempt to add another bat that may or may not be there as the season goes on.

If Hudson puts up great stats then so be it, but on that off chance that karma once again shows her evil ways, this signing and wasted draft pick could a wasted opportunity.

The Diamond backs draft well, and with the ability to take two players with in the first 35 picks it could spell disaster down the road for the Dodgers.

But that's the facts of baseball is it not? This draft is going to be a deep one and many believe the Dodgers can make it up by finding nuggets in the later rounds.

But a deep draft will not have that top tier cream-of-the-crop guy. Never-the-less Hudson, even if he leaves after 12 months with a bum wrist, the Dodgers will get a first rounder if he is a A compensation again next year. But will the draft of 2010 be as deep as the one of 2009? If the draft is weaker in 2010 will the Dodgers really get fair market value?

He very will could be costing us the next big prospect. However he has hit very well, has two home runs and hit for the cycle. I hope for the Dodgers sake this keeps up.

Rumors have it that he may have failed his physical with the Washington Nationals. If this is true, I'm concerned no matter what his early season returns are.

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