Mayday, Mayday!

What a screwy season! The Dodgers opened the season with what looked like the entire month of April on the road. So what happened - the Dodgers begin May in first place with a couple of games to spare and win their first 10 games at home. Who'd a figured?

The Dodgers - apparently worried about their pitching - sent a Mayday plea for help to AAA and Jeff Weaver came up and pitched four shutout innings first time out. Can Shawn Estes and Eric Milton be far behind?

Says here the Dodgers should've swapped Blake DeWitt to the Yankees a month ago to fill their 3B hole when they might have gotten Phil Hughes or another young arm in return. After DeWitt has been "yo-yo-ed" up and down, surely messing with his head, its time to get some value for the kid. Even as, ahem, 3B Casey Blake has not once seen his batting average go over .240.

Dropping DeWitt (again) leaves the Dodgers bench even shorter with only four bench players.

Back in the 1950s, when the Dodgers were short on starting pitching, Walt Alston began trio-ing three relievers in the fifth starting spot. How would a trio of Troncoso-Belisario-McDonald look?

Big city media give guys in big cities more ink than maybe they deserve (while newspapers are still in business). Down in Dallas, the Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jarimillo, absolutely the best in the business, has done what no Dodgers hitting mentors (including the over-hyped Don Mattingly) could do, i.e., made Andruw Jones (who the Dodgers are paying) into something of a hitter again.

What gives with Kid Clayton? Is it mechanical? Mental? How he's being managed?Or caught? He's just too darned good for his last two outings. There surely are options to consider before thinking about sending him down (AGAIN?). 

Has a team ever had TWO pitching coaches? Okay, keep Rick Honeycutt but maybe pick up a second or co-pitching coach to work with Kid Clayton - to do for the pitcher what hitting coach Jaramillio has done with Andruw Jones. Wouldn't Kershaw's starts be a good place to give him a personal catcher like Brad Ausmus, the cerebral handler of pitchers?

Can the Dodgers' May duplicate April, especially with more home cooking?

Dodgers fans hope so, but relying on a handful of yesterday's pitchers, as seems the direction, may be playing craps at best. Pedro Martinez is looking better every day.

A peek inside the Dodgers surprising April results shows Catcher Russell Martin's first month is more like his last several of last year, when the kids legs and bat were visibly slower. Maybe dropping him down in the batting order a slot or two would take some of the pressure off.

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