Seven Multiple Leaders on Minor Stat Charts

Inland Empire's Steve Johnson and Great Lakes' Javy Guerre led the Dodger minor league pitching charts in three different departments as did Albuqerque's Hector Luna. Double leaders included Great Lakes Tony Delmonico, Dee Gordon and JonMichael Redding as well as Inland Empire's Eduardo Perez

. The charts are an exclusive feature of and Dodgers Dugout newsmagazine.

Luna topped the charts for the Isotopes by leading in batting average (.357), slugging percentage (.670) and on-base plus slugging (1.090).

Johnson, coming off a 10 strikeout game, is the leader in strikeouts (59), strikeouts per nine innings (12.29) and is tied for the lead with eight starts.

Guerra, pitching for the 66ers, allowed the least hits per nine innings (4.50), the least hits plus runs per inning pitched (0.77) and in games pitched (16) in the relief department.

Double winners include Delmonico, who has a .450 on-base percentage and has played 38 games; Perez who tied for the lead with 53 hits and has also played 38 games; Dee Gordon who has a remarkable 24-3 stolen base record and tops the charts with five triples.

Among the pitchers, Redding has won five games and is tied with a number of others with eight starts.

Eleven others top the list in one department. The complete list:
 Average	         ave	tm
Hector Luna 3b	        .357	Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b	.353	IE
Scott VanSlyke of	.345	IE
Tommy Giles of	        .338	IE/Chat
Dee Gordon ss	        .327	GL
Jaime Pedroza 2b	.324	GL
Tray Robinson of	.323	IE
Tony Delmonico c	.321	GL
AJ Ellis c	        .306	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        .305	GL

 On-base pct        	 obp	tm
Tony Delmonico c	.450	GL
Jamie Hoffman of	.439	Chat/Alb
AJ Ellis c        	.435	Alb
Jaime Pedroza 2b	.422	GL
Hector Luna 3b	        .421	Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b	.414	IE
Josh Bell 3b	        .408	Chat
Gabe Martinez c	        .407	Chat
Blake DeWitt 2b	        .406	Alb
Dee Brown of	        .398	Alb

 Slugging	        slug	tm
Hector Luna 3b	        .670	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        .603	GL
Tommy Giles of	        .597	IE/ Chat
Mitch Jones of 	        .593	Alb
Gabe Martinez c	        .587	Chat
Scott VanSlyke of	.572	IE
Dee Brown of        	.567	Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b        .567	IE
Jaime Pedroza 2b	.529	GL
Tray Robinson of	.518	IE

 On-base + slugging
	                 ops	tm
Hector Luna 3b	        1.090	Alb
Gabe Martinez c	        .993	Chat
Jason Repko of	        .982	Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b	.981	IE
Kyle Russell of	        .980	GL
Tommy Giles of	        .972	IE/ Chat
Dee Brown of	        .965	Alb
Scott VanSlyke of	.963	IE
Jaime Pedroza 2b	.952	GL
Tony Delmonico c	.934	GL

 Games                  gm     tm
Tony Delmonico c	38	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	38	IE
Tray Robinson of	38	IE
Kyle Russell of	        38	GL
Josh Bell 3b	        37	Chat
Austin Gallagher 1b	37	GL
Dee Gordon ss	        37	GL
Jamie Hoffman of	37	Chat/Alb
Andrew Lambo of        	37	Chat

 Runs	                runs	tm
Jamie Hoffman of	32	Chat/Alb
Jaime Pedroza 2b	31	GL
Kyle Russell of	        31	GL
Dee Gordon ss	        30	GL
Tray Robinson of	29	IE
Jason Repko of	        26	Alb
Adolfo Gonzalez inf	24	IE
Dee Brown of  	        23	Alb
Andrew Lambo of        	23	Chat
Hector Luna 3b	        23	Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b	23	IE

 Hits	                hits	tm
Eduardo Perez 1b	53	IE
Tray Robinson of	53	IE
Dee Gordon ss	        51	GL
Scott VanSlyke of	50	IE
Tony Delmonico c	44	GL
Jaime Pedroza 2b	44	GL
Kyle Russell of	        43	GL
Andrew Lambo of	        41	Chat
Jamie Hoffman of	40	Chat/Alb
Hector Luna 3b	        40	Alb

 Doubles	        2b	tm
Justin Sellers ss	14	Chat
Scott VanSlyke of	14	IE
Andrew Lambo of	        13	Chat
Eduardo Perez 1b	13	IE
Josh Bell 3b	        11	Chat
Tony Delmonico c	11	GL
Tray Robinson of	11	IE
Jamie Hoffman of        10	Chat/Alb
Kyle Russell of	        10	GL
Tony Hatch 3b	         9	GL
Gabe Martinez c	         9	Chat

 Triples	        3b	tm
Dee Gordon s	         5	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	 5	IE
Blake DeWitt 2b	         4	Alb
Jason Repko of	         3	Alb
Tray Robinson of	 3	IE

 Home runs	        hr	tm
Mitch Jones of 	        11	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        10	GL
Hector Luna 3b	         8	Alb
Jason Repko of	         8	Alb
Gabe Martinez c	         7	Chat
Pedro Baez 3b	         6	IE
Dee Brown of	         5	Alb
Steven Caeres 1b	 5	IE
Val Pascucci 1b	         5	Alb
Jaime Pedroza 2b	 5	GL
Tray Robinson of	 5	IE
Scott VanSlyke of	 5	IE

 Runs batted in	        bi	tm
Kyle Russell of	        34	GL
Gabe Martinez c	        31	Chat
Mitch Jones of 	        30	Alb
Hector Luna 3b	        30	Alb
Scott VanSlyke of	26	IE
Josh Bell 3b	        24	Chat
Dee Brown of	        24	Alb
Jaime Pedroza 2b	24	GL
Austin Gallagher 1b	23	GL
Jamie Hoffman of	22	Chat/Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b	22	IE

 Stolen bases	         sb	tm
Dee Gordon ss	        23-3	GL
Jaime Pedroza 2b	14-4	GL
Tray Robinson of	13-7	IE
Jason Repko of	        11-2	Alb
Jamie Hoffman of	 8-3	Chat/Alb
Elian Herrera of	 6-1	GL/IE
Christian Lara ss	 6-2	IE
Chin-lung Hu ss	         4-0	Alb


 Wins	                w-l	tm
Jon Redding	        5-1	Glk
Josh Walter	        3-1	Glk
Jesus Rodriguez	        3-1	Chat
Travis Chick	        3-1	Chat
Ethan Martin 	        3-1	Glk
Shawn Estes	        3-1	Alb
Alberto Bastardo	3-2	IE
Steve Johnson	        3-2	IE
Charlie Haeger	        3-3	Alb
Robert Blevins	        3-3	Glk

 Saves	                sv	tm
Erick Threets	        12	Alb
Javy Guerra	        10	Glk
Scott Strickland	 5	Alb
Tanyon Sturtze	         4	Alb
Justin Orenduff	         3	IE

 Games	                gms	tm
Javy Guerra	        16	Glk
Jacobo Meque	        16	Chat/IE
Justin Orenduff	        14	IE
Matt Sartor	        14	Chat
Erick Threets	        14	Alb
Jesus Rodriguez	        14	Chat
Miguel Sanfler	        14	IE
Scott Strickland	13	Alb
Vincente Bonilla	13	Alb
Nick DeBarr	        13	Alb
Dwayne Pollok	        13	Alb

 Games started	        gs	tm
Jon Redding	        8	Glk
Robert Blevins	        8	Glk
Alberto Bastardo	8	IE
Steve Johnson	        8	IE
Shawn Estes	        8	Alb
Justin Miller	        8	Glk
James Adkins	        8	Chat
Jesus Castillo	        8	Chat
Ethan Martin 	        7	Glk
Charlie Haeger	        7	Alb
Miguel Pinango	        7	Alb
Tim Sexton	        7	IE

 Innings	          in	tm
Charlie Haeger	        45.1	Alb
Steve Johnson	        43.2	IE
James Adkins	        42.0	Chat
Justin Miller	        42.1	Glk
Alberto Bastardo	42.0	IE
Shawn Estes	        42.0	Alb
Tim Sexton	        42.0	IE
Jon Redding	        40.0	Glk
Jesus Castillo	        39.0	Chat
Miguel Pinango	        37.0	Alb

 Strikeouts	        so	tm
Steve Johnson	        59	IE
Ethan Martin 	        45	Glk
Kendi Bastista	        37	IE
Charlie Haeger	        32	Alb
Robert Boothe	        31	Glk
Alberto Bastardo	29	IE
Giancarlo Alvarado 	28	Alb
Jon Redding	        27	Glk
Josh Walter	        27	Glk
Tim Sexton	        26	IE
Travis Chick	        26	Chat
Javy Guerra	        26	Glk

  Walks + hits / innings pitched
    [starters]	        whip	tm
Josh Lindblom	        1.06	Chat
Tim Sexton	        1.07	IE
Alberto Bastardo	1.19	IE
Ethan Martin 	        1.23	Glk
Giancarlo Alvarado	1.24	Alb
Travis Chick	        1.31	Chat
Shawn Estes	        1.31	Alb
Steve Johnson	        1.37	IE
Jesus Castillo	        1.39	Chat
Jon Redding	        1.43	Glk

  Walks + hits / innings pitched
     [relief]	        whip	tm
Javy Guerra	        0.77	Glk
Victor Garate	        0.82	Chat
Matt Sartor	        0.92	Chat
Jesus Rodriguez	        1.08	Chat
Josh Walter	        1.10	Glk
Blake Brannon	        1.15	Glk
Robert Boothe	        1.24	Glk
Vincente Bonilla	1.30	Alb
David Pfeiffer	        1.35	IE
Dwayne Pollok	        1.38	Alb

 Strikeouts per nine innings
     [starters]	        so/9	tm
Steve Johnson	        12.29	IE
Ethan Martin 	        11.57	Glk
Travis Chick	        8.33	Chat
Josh Lindblom	        8.01	Chat
Giancarlo Alvarado	7.64	Alb
Charlie Haeger	        6.39	Alb
Alberto Bastardo	6.21	IE
Robert Blevins	        6.15	Glk
Jon Redding	        6.08	Glk
Nathan Eovaldi	        6.00	Glk

 Strikeouts per nine innings
     [relief]	        so/9	tm
Steve Randolph	        15.43	Alb
Robert Boothe	        14.61	Glk
Scott Strickland	13.39	Alb
Kendi Bastista	        11.89	IE
Josh Walter	        11.57	Glk
Jacobo Meque	        11.12	Chat/IE
Javy Guerra	        10.64	Glk
Victor Garate	        10.64	Chat
Blake Brannon	        10.35	Glk
Justin Orenduff	         9.47	IE

 Hits per nine innings
    [starters]	        h/9t	m
Ethan Martin 	        6.94	Glk
Steve Johnson	        7.08	IE
Giancarlos Alvarado	7.64	Alb
Tim Sexton	        7.71	IE
Alberto Bastardo	7.93	IE
Travis Chick	        8.01	Chat
Josh Lindblom	        8.65	Chat
Jesus Castillo	        8.77	Chat
Shawn Estes	        9.21	Alb
Charlie Haeger	        9.58	Alb

 Hits per nine innings
    [relief]	         h/9	tm
Javy Guerra	        4.50	Glk
Victor Garate	        4.91	Chat
Matt Sartor	        5.40	Chat
Jordan Pratt	        6.16	Glk
Robert Boothe	        6.60	Glk
Josh Walter	        6.86	Glk
Blake Brannon	        7.20	Glk
Scott Strickland	8.93	Alb
Francisco Felix	        8.96	Chat
Erick Threets	        9.00	Alb

 Walks per nine innings
   [starters]	        bb/9	tm
Josh Lindblom	        0.96	Chat
Tim Sexton	        1.93	IE
Justin Miller	        2.57	Glk
Shawn Estes	        2.57	Alb
Miguel Pinango	        2.92	Alb
Alberto Bastardo	2.79	IE
Jon Redding	        3.15	Glk
Robert Blevins	        3.33	Glk
Giancarlo Alvarado	3.55	Alb
Jesus Castillo	        3.69	Chat

 Walks per nine innings
    [relief]	        bb/9	tm
Jesus Rodriguez	        0.72	Chat
Luis Garcia	        2.25	Glk
Javy Guerra	        2.45	Glk
Victor Garate	        2.45	Chat
Dwayne Pollok	        2.57	Alb
Vincente Bonilla	2.62	Alb
David Pfeiffer	        2.75	IE
Matt Sartor	        2.88	Chat
Kendi Bastista	        2.89	IE
Josh Walter	        3.00	Glk