Rubby De La Rosa is Fuel-Injected

Fuel injected is the word for Rubby (Carlos) De La Rosa of the Dodgers. Signed as a undrafted free agent from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic he spent all of 2007 & 2008 with the Dodgers Dominican Summer League team. Now in 2009 De La Rosa is with the Arizona Rookie League, and is sporting 3.07 Earned Run Average with no record and a 95 MPH fastball.

He had one win and four loses in 2008, he had hopes of improving this year but although he hasn't achieved a win yet he's still making waves and catching peoples eye's. Bill Mitchelle of just reported that he saw De La Rosa and he was hitting 98 MPH as of July 15th.

Listed at 6'1 170 LBS he seems to be bigger then that to the eyeball. Some people worry his weight might become a hindrance as the years go on. Rosa was born in 1989, making him 20 years old, so he is a College Sophomore in age.

He has a fastball that can hit 95 but regularly sits in the 91-95 range, with a solid change-up from 84-86 that he turns over hard. His breaking ball was a slow curve in the mid-70s, although the harder he throws it the sharper the break becomes.

So far, the Dodgers have a pitcher who throws hard but hasn't put it all together yet. A kid who, if he had been born in the United States, would be thought of as a thrower and not a pitcher, but would have Baseball America drooling over him as one of the big prospects in next years draft as a junior in College.

Thankfully he's the Dodgers property already, and with the right pitching coaches to teach him Mr De La Rosa could be a nice weapon in the future.

For a organization that is still smarting over the Pedro Martinez trade, they can not give up to soon on this kid as they did Joakim Soria. Those of you who don't know who Joakim Soria is, look up top closers in the American League and you will find out.

Joakim was in the same spot De La Rosa is in now with the Dodgers. But Soria was lost in the rule 5 draft and the Padres ended up with him. They lost him to the Royals in the next rule 5. Now he's the outstanding closer for Kansas City.

The Dodgers have a blank slate in Rubby De La Rosa, and a electric arm.

Joakim was given up on, Pedro was given up on because team officials at the time thought his slight build would not stand up as a regular starter. Edwin Jackson was given up on because they felt he'd never figure it out and this season he was a first time All-Star, and Greg Miller, who has been removed from the 40-man roster and has switched his delivery to save what career he might have left.

Don't give up on this Rubby, take your time, teach him right, and he'll become a pitcher not a thrower.

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