Dee (Don't Call Him Flash) Gordon

In his first full season of Pro Baseball, Devaris (Dee) "Don't call me Flash," Gordon was elected to his first All-Star game in Clinton, Iowa, were his father Tom "Flash," Gordon played 21 years earlier and was a minor league All-Star himself.

Gordon, the Dodgers 4th round draft pick in 2008, was not only was at the 2009 game he won the skills competition.

Asked about the game and his hot first half Dee Gordon said, "Felt good, it was quite an honor and to be around all these great guys. I just try to get on base in any way, and then try to steal, doesn't matter if I get thrown out, I gotta go again. I can't be scared to go."

Dee's father Tom was still playing himself in the Major Leagues this season, although he is on the disabled list. If Dee could speed his way as fast through the Dodgers minor league system as he does around the base paths he could set a Major League record. First son to ever face his father one-on-one in the batters box in a big league game. Many father and son tandems have played together but were position players.

When asked what he Dee thought about that ever happening he replied: "That'd be a good thing, so I'm kind of hoping toward that, trying to work toward that. It's one of my goals."

When asked what his favorite pre-game feast might be he replied: "Doesn't matter as long as it's good."

Born in Florida Devaris-Strange Gordon lists his favorite non-baseball thing to do as play basketball and sleep, favorite player in the Major Leagues would be Jimmy Rollins shortstop of the Philadelphia Phillies.

He says that if he wasn't a baseball player and perhaps after his playing days are over, he would like to be a comedian. He claims he loves the movies "Major League", and "Friday" along with listening to his Ipod when at home or traveling to a game on the team bus.

When asked when he thought he would make the majors for the first time he stated he thought 2011 would be a good time.

On EBAY, his signed baseball is going for 25 dollars. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things when you think of all the millions a pro player can generate, but Dee is well on his way.

As kid who played at Southeastern University, not known as a baseball power house, he was a steal and most teams didn't even know about him.

When asked by his former college coach about his experience with being a prospect and what is the best part of playing professional baseball, he said:

"Being a prospect is a good thing. It makes you work harder to become consistent so that you will be on top. There is no pressure at all now. Earlier I felt it, but now I just work hard and play. It's easier when I stay humble. I'm playing every day and being part of a team. We are moving up the ranks together, most of us. We all gel like a college team, and spend even more time together than normal. It's a cool camaraderie. It took the place of college for me."

With two Home Run's, 25 run's batted in, and 49 stolen Base's he's off to a great start. With his ability to run, catch, throw, and hit for average many of people are already thinking of Dee Gordon as a five-tool prospect.

He keeps improving, that 2011 projection he made just might come true and the young Mr. Gordon may just yet be the Los Angels Dodgers version of Gordon's hero, Jimmy Rollins, and that's not a bad thing.