Statistical Leaderboard for August 15

The exclusive LADugout.Com minor league Leaderboard shows four batters (Hector Luna, Trayvon Robinson, Dee Gordon and Scott Van Slyke) on the top of the list and only one pitcher, Tim Sexton. There is just a bit over a month left on the schedule, not counting playoff action.

Albuquerque's Hector Luna continued to hold franchise leads in average (.350), slugging (.642) and On-base plus slugging (1.053) but lost the on-base percentage edge to teammate A.J. Ellis (.428), who won the title in 2008.

Dee Gordon of Great Lakes is running (pun intended) away with the stolen base title, nabbing 62 with almost a full month to go. He also tops the charts in runs (82), and triples (10).

Inland Empires' Trayvon Robinson has a franchise-high 141 hits and also leads with 115 games played. Teammate Scott Van Slyke has 36 doubles and 87 runs batted in to lead the Dodgers minor leaguers and Albuquerque's Mitch Jones keeps slugging away, running his leading home run total to 28.

In the pitching department, Great Lakes Jon Michael Redding tops the list with 13 wins but Tim Sexton of Inland Empire leads in innings (132), starter's ERA (3.34) and walks per nine innings (1.57). He is the only multiple leader on this bimonthly chart.

Other leaders include Scott Strickland with 25 saves, Travis Schlichting with a 1.07 ERA (relievers), Victor Garate games pitched (41), Alberto Bastardo and Justin Miller are deadlocked with 23 starts, Carlos Alvarez is the strikeout leader a 119.

Scott Elbert leads in strikeouts per nine innings with 11.54(starters), Robert Boothe leads the relievers with 13.96 Ks per nine innings. Javy Guerre leads the relievers by allowing only 5.05 hits per nine innings and J.D. Durban leads the starters with a 7.41. Luis Garcia is the leader in walks per nine innings (relievers)

The leaders:

 Average	         ave	tm
Hector Luna 3b	        .350	Alb
Tony Abreu 2b-3b	.324	Ch/Alb
Justin Tomlin of	.314	Ch
Eduardo Perez 1b	.308	IE/Ch
Tray Robinson of	.305	IE
Justin Sellers ss	.304	Ch
Dee Brown of	        .303	Alb
A.J. Ellis c	        .302	Alb
Tommy Giles of	        .300	IE/Ch
Dee Gordon ss	        .298	GL
Jamie Hoffman of	.298	Ch/Alb

 On-base percentage	 obp    tm
A.J. Ellis c	        .428	Alb
Hector Luna 3b	        .411	Alb
Jamie Hoffman of	.406	Ch/Alb
Justin Tomlin of	.402	Ch
Luke May c	        .388	Ch
Justin Sellers ss	.388	Ch
Tommy Giles of	        .387	IE/Ch
Russ MitChell 1b	.384	Ch
Tony Delmonico c	.383	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	.379	IE/Ch

 Slugging	        slug	tm
Hector Luna 3b	        .642	Alb
MitCh Jones of	        .638	Alb
Tommy Giles of	        .585	IE/Ch
Kyle Russell of	        .555	GL
Dee Brown of        	.547	Alb
Tony Abreu 2b-3b	.543	Ch/Alb
Scott Van Slyke of	.530	IE
Eduardo Perez 1b	.517	IE/Ch
Tray Robinson of	.489	IE
Jamie Hoffman of	.473	Ch/Alb

 On-base + slugging	 ops	tm
Hector Luna 3b	        1.053	Alb
MitCh Jones of	        .996	Alb
Tommy Giles of	        .972	IE/Ch
Dee Brown of        	.939	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        .918	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	.896	IE/Ch
Scott Van Slyke of	.893	IE
Tony Abreu 2b-3b	.891	Ch/Alb
Jamie Hoffman of	.879	Ch/Alb
Tray Robinson of	.863	IE

 Games	                gm	tm
Tray Robinson of	115	IE
Dee Gordon ss	        112	GL
Jaime Pedroza 2b	112	GL
Scott Van Slyke of	111	IE
Kyle Russell of	        110	GL
Alfredo Silverio of	108	GL
Andrew Lambo of	        107	Ch
Eduardo Perez 1b	107	IE/Ch
Chin-Lung Hu ss	        106	Alb
Russ MitChell 1b	106	Ch

 Runs	                runs	tm
Dee Gordon ss	        82	GL
Jaime Pedroza 2b	81	GL
Tray Robinson of	80	IE
Kyle Russell of	        74	GL
Dee Brown of	        68	Alb
Matt Wallach c	        64	GL
Andrew Lambo of	        63	Ch
Anthony HatCh 3b	60	GL
Scott Van Slyke of	60	IE
Jason Repko of	        58	Alb
Alfredo Silverio of	58	GL

 Hits	                hits	tm
Tray Robinson of	141	IE
Dee Gordon ss	        139	GL
Scott Van Slyke of	123	IE
Eduardo Perez 1b	115	IE/Ch
Alfredo Silverio of	115	GL
Chin-Lung Hu ss	        114	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        110	GL
Andrew Lambo of	        109	Ch
Jaime Pedroza 2b	109	GL
Anthony HatCh 3b	105	GL

 Doubles	        2b	tm
Scott Van Slyke of	36	IE
Andrew Lambo of	        34	Ch
Jaime Pedroza 2b	30	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	30	IE/Ch
Dee Brown of	        29	Alb
Anthony Hatch 3b	29	GL
Tray Robinson of	28	IE
Kyle Russell of	        28	GL
Alfredo Silverio of	27	GL
Justin Sellers ss	26	Ch

 Triples	        3b	tm
Dee Gordon ss	        10	GL
Tray Robinson of	 9	IE
Steven Caseres 1b	 6	IE
Blake DeWitt 2b-3b	 6	Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b	 6	IE/Ch
Kyle Russell of	         6	GL
Alfredo Silverio of	 6	GL

 Home runs	        hr	tm
MitCh Jones of	        28	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        24	GL
Scott Van Slyke of	19	IE
Dee Brown of	        17	Alb
Tommy Giles of	        15	IE/Ch
Jason Repko of	        13	Alb
Tray Robinson of	13	IE
Hector Luna	        13	Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b	12	IE/Ch
Steven Caseres 1b	11	IE
Jaime Pedroza 2b	11	GL
Russ MitChell 1b	11	Ch
Alfredo Silverio of	11	GL

 Runs batted in	       rbi	tm
Scott Van Slyke of	87	IE
Kyle Russell of	        81	GL
MitCh Jones of	        77	Alb
Dee Brown of	        69	Alb
Jaime Pedroza 2b	66	GL
Pedro Baez 3b	        61	IE
Eduardo Perez 1b        61	IE/Ch
Nick Buss of	        55	GL
Anthony Hatch 3b	54	GL
Tray Robinson of	52	IE

 Stolen bases	        sb-cs	tm
Dee Gordon ss	        62-22	GL
Tray Robinson of	43-18	IE
Jaime Pedroza 2b	32-12	GL
Preston Mattingly of	29-10	IE
Jason Repko of	        19-6	Alb
Jamie Hoffman of	15-10	Ch/Alb
Chin-Lung Hu ss	        13-4	Alb
Adam Godwin of	        13-7	hat
Kyle Russell of	        11-2	GL
Justin Tomlin of	11-9	Ch
Christian Lara ss	11-10	IE


 Wins	                 w-l	tm
Jon Redding	        13-3	GL
Alberto Bastardo	11-4	IE/Ch
Carlos Alvarado	        10-9	Alb
Robert Blevins	         8-8	GL
Hyang-Nam Choi           8-1	Alb
Chris Withrow	         7-7	IE/Ch
Jesus Castillo	         7-7	Ch
Tim Sexton	         7-11	InE
Kendy Batista	         6-3	IE/Ch

 Saves	                sv	tm
Scott Strickland	25	Alb
Javy Guerra	        16	GL
Matt Sartor	        10	Ch
Cole St. Clair	         9	GL
Jake McCarter	         6	InE
Marcel Prado	         5	InE
Luis Garcia	         4	GL
Victor Garate	         4	Ch

 Earned run average
    [starters]	        era	tm
Tim Sexton	        3.34	InE
J.D. Durban	        3.46	Ch/Alb
Carlos Alvarado	        3.58	Alb
Robert Blevins	        3.89	GL
Travis Chick	        4.02	Ch
Alberto Bastardo	4.09	IE/Ch
Ethan Martin	        4.19	GL
Josh Lindblom	        4.21	Ch/Alb
Scott Elbert	        4.24	Ch/Alb
Jesus Castillo	        4.52	Ch

 Earned run average
    [relief]	        era	tm
Travis Schlichting	1.07	Ch/Alb
Eric Threets	        1.52	Alb
Javy Guerra	        1.54	GL
Victor Garate	        1.90	Ch
Hyang-Nam Choi	        2.08	Alb
Luis Garcia	        2.71	GL
Steve Smith	        3.00	GL
Francosco Felix	        3.03	Ch/Alb
Cole St. Clair	        3.29	GL
Jesus Rodriguez	        3.31	Ch

 Games	                gm	tm
Victor Garate	        41	Ch
Scott Strickland	40	Alb
Matt Sartor	        40	Ch
Jesus Rodriguez	        38	Ch
Francosco Felix	        35	Ch/Alb
Henry Bonilla	        35	Alb
Miguel Sanfler	        35	InE
Eric Threets	        33	Alb
Marcel Prado	        32	InE
Robert Boothe	        31	GL

 Games started	        gs	tm
Alberto Bastardo        23	IE/Ch
Justin Miller	        23	GL/InE
Robert Blevins	        22	GL
Jon Redding	        22	GL
James Adkins	        21	Ch
Carlos Alvarado	        21	Alb
Tim Sexton	        18	InE
Chris Withrow	        18	IE/Ch
Ethan Martin	        17	GL
Josh Wall	        17	InE

 Innings	         in	tm
Tim Sexton	        132.0	InE
Carlos Alvarado	        125.2	Alb
Alberto Bastardo	125.1	IE/Ch
Robert Blevins	        125.0	GL
Justin Miller	        124.0	GL/InE
Jesus Castillo        	123.1	Ch
James Adkins	        113.2	Ch
Jon Redding	        111.1	GL
Chris Withrow	         94.2	IE/Ch
Ethan Martin	         88.0	GL

 Strikeouts	        so	tm
Carlos Alvarado	        119	Alb
Chris Withrow	        112	IE/Ch
Alberto Bastardo	110	IE/Ch
Scott Elbert	        109	Ch/Alb
Ethan Martin	        105	GL
Jon Redding	         84	GL
Robert Blevins	         83	GL
Tim Sexton	         81	InE
Kendy Batista	         77	IE/Ch
Travis Chick	         76	Ch

 Strikeouts per nine innings
   [starters]	         so/9	tm
Scott Elbert	         11.54	Ch/Alb
Ethan Martin	         10.74	GL
Chris Withrow	         10.70	IE/Ch
Carlos Alvarado	          8.55	Alb
Alberto Bastardo	  7.91	IE/Ch
Travis Chick	          7.85	Ch
Josh Lindblom	          7.36	Ch/Alb
Jon Redding	          6.80	GL
Josh Wall	          6.46	InE
Robert Blevins	          5.98	GL

 Strikeouts per nine innings
   [starters]	         so/9	tm
Robert Boothe	         13.96	GL
Javy Guerra	         12.07	GL
Cole St. Clair	         11.96	GL
Scott Strickland	 11.25	Alb
Jordan Pratt	         10.95	GL
Victor Garate	         10.51	Ch
Jake McCarter	          9.92	InE
Matt Sartor	          9.90	Ch
Francosco Felix	          9.26	Ch/Alb
Kendy Batista	          9.23	IE/Ch

 Hits per nine innings
   [starters]	         h/9	tm
J.D. Durban	         7.41	Ch/Alb
Ethan Martin	         7.77	GL
Chris Withrow	         8.31	IE/Ch
Carlos Alvarado	         8.48	Alb
Josh Lindblom	         8.56	Ct/Alb
Robert Blevins	         8.71	GL
Travis Chick	         8.78	Ch
Alberto Bastardo	 8.92	IE/Ch
Scott Elbert	         9.00	Ch/Alb
James Adkins	         9.30	Ch

 Hits per nine innings
   [relief]	         h/9	tm
Javy Guerra	         5.05	GL
Travis Schlichting	 5.38	Ch/Alb
Victor Garate	         5.73	IE
Eric Threets	         6.35	Alb
Jake McCarter	         6.61	IE
Matt Sartor	         7.05	Ch
Scott Strickland	 7.35	Alb
Mario Alvarez	         7.45	InE
Cole St. Clair	         7.64	GL
Kendy Batista	         7.67	IE/Ch

  Walks per nine innings
   [starters]	         bb/9	tm
Tim Sexton	         1.57	InE
Robert Blevins	         1.87	GL
Justin Miller	         2.10	GL/InE
Josh Lindblom	         2.49	Ch/Alb
Jon Redding	         2.51	GL
Carlos Alvarado	         2.66	Alb
Travis Chick	         3.20	Ch
Jesus Castillo	         3.22	Ch
Alberto Bastardo	 3.24	IE/Ch
Josh Wall	         4.13	InE
Scott Elbert	         4.24	Ch/Alb

 Walks per nine innings
   [relief]	         bb/9	tm
Luis Garcia	         1.71	GL
Jesus Rodriguez	         2.35	Ch
Mario Alvarez	         2.76	InE
Dwayne Pollok	         2.80	Alb
David Pfeiffer	         2.83	InE
Steve Smith	         3.00	GL
Hyang-Nam Choi	         3.13	Alb
Francosco Felix	         3.18	Ch/Alb
Kendy Batista	         3.24	IE/Ch
Javy Guerra	         3.29	GL