Where Are They Now: Billy Ashley

Born Billy Manual Ashley in Trenton Michigan, Billy was a third round pick of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1988. Although he didn't make his major league debut until 1992, he did play seven seasons in the majors, all but one season with the Dodgers.

His final and last season was with the Boston Red Sox in 1998. Then because of neck issues he was forced to stop playing. It was at this time he was introduced to his now wife Lisa by her good friend and movie star Heather Locklear, who even remarked on the Jay Leno show that she was the one that played cupid and got them together.

Ashley attempted comebacks in 2000 and 2001 but was cut during Spring Training by both the Tampa Bay Rays and the Baltimore Orioles. It was then he knew he had missed his window and his time was up.

He did try coaching in 2001 for a short stint in the Western League (now defunct) and he also tried his turn with Newark in 2002 and 2003.

Reluctantly leaving his wife and two daughters behind in Thousand Oaks, California, he would go on the road and try and rekindle what his baseball life. Unfortunately it was not to be as neither player or coach was in the cards at this time for Billy Ashley.

At 6'7 and 230-pounds, one tends to stick out like a sore thumb and for a man who loved the Los Angeles life and all the accouterment's the city has to provide, he was at a lose of the direction he was going to go in with life after baseball.

It was about this time that he and his lovely wife Lisa decided he would be a stay home dad. That was how ever until Fox came calling and he now appears on the reality TV show called "House Husbands of Hollywood." The show airs on Saturdays on the Fox Reality TV channel. The show has premiered on August 15th 2009, and is still on going.

Also showing up along with his wife Lisa who is a Hollywood make-up artist, are their two pre-teen daughters, Alexa and Sophia.

Other former stars and their wife/husbands show up from time to time on the show as all the parties are friends and the cameras just follows them in their day-to-day lives. In this economy, men are not always the major bread winners of the home and many wives women are in the work force as this show indicates.

It is remarkable a former Dodger outfielder who hit a total of 28 home runs in a shortened career, now is on a weekly basis told by his children he has never worked in his life other then "That job he quit," and "Why does mommy make more money then you ?"

Some see this twist in Ashley's life comical, sad, eye-opening, or even a comedy of errors.

Most people, particularly former Major League players, would not put themselves, let alone their family, through such a ordeal, but they are paid well and it does get Billy and his wife Lisa exposure on TV.

The show is light hearted but in a world were even the Octomom has a reality show, is putting children on a show like this a good idea?

Particularly with topics like Billy and Lisa having to explain that mommy had a husband before daddy, only be startled when the children said they already knew because "Grandma (Billy Ashley's mom) told us."

Then Lisa admits she's really not in her 30's and the kids should know that, and that telling the truth about every thing is the best policy. According to Ms. Ashley she had been holding in the secret about her age and her first husband from the kids, to only now feel betrayed by Billy's mother.

I'm not sure if this is a new reality show or All My Children light! Every day there is a new dilemma in the Ashley house that, Billy must come to the rescue for or gently bow out and stand there as his wife does all the talking.

It is uncomfortable having to see Billy squirm in his seat as his wife gives free makeup lessons and a talk about menstrual cycles to school girls, and seeing Ashley take his daughters to buy clothes and explain that the ones they picked are to sexy.

I know this is Hollywood and reality TV, but this show may not be for every one. It does come at you with a light heartedness, but at times it might be better to have not done the show at all then to show some of these things on the air.

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