Seven Double Winners on Final MiL Charts

On's exclusive charts, Hector Luna, Mitch Jones, Scott Van Slyke, Trayvon Robinson, Jaime Pedroza and Dee Gordon were double leaders among position players. No pitcher was listed twice on the charts.

Trayvon Robinson, who played with Inland Empire and Chattanooga, led the system with 11 triples and tied for the lead with 136 games played. Remarkably, he was ranked in the top 10 on all 13 different categories.

Scott Van Slyke, who saw action with both Inland Empire and Albuquerque, recorded 98.87 runs created and had 42 doubles to lead the system. He put his name on 10 different lists.

Other leaders included: From Albuquerque, Hector Luna in batting average (.351) and in OPS (1.025); Mitch Jones in slugging (.651) and runs batted in (103, plus trailed Luna in OPS by a slim, .010 points and A.J. Ellis, who collected his second consecutive on-base percentage crown with a .438 mark.

Great Lakes has five spots on the final lists. Jamie Pedroza in games played and runs (100); Dee Gordon with 162 hits and an astounding 73 stolen bases and Kyle Russell with 26 home runs.

The Isotopes Carlos Alvarado led the franchise with 139 strikeouts and teammate Scott Strickland saved 32 games.

Chattanooga reliever Jesus Rodriguez issued only 2.25 walks per nine innings, while Scott Elbert, who pitched for the Lookouts and Isotopes was the leader in strikeouts per nine innings (11.72) as a starter. Javy Guerra pitched in 51 games while working for Great Lakes and Chattanooga.

Inland Empire's Tim Sexton earned the workhorse award with 157 innings pitched and Jake McCarter allowed only 6.07 hits per nine innings in relief.

Great Falls leaders included: Nathan Eovaldi, starter's ERA (3.27); Geison Aguasviva, relief ERA (1.58); Robert Boothe struck out 12.51 per nine innings in relief; Josh Walter allowed 7.53 hits per nine innings while starting. Robert Blevins was particularly stingy, giving up 1.98 walks per nine while starting.

Justin Miller made 28 starts between Great Lakes and Inland Empire to top that chart.

The complete list:

 Average	        ave	tm
Hector Luna inf	        .351	Alb
Tony Abreu 2b	        .336	Ch/Al
James Tomlin of	        .315	Chat
AJ Ellis c	        .314	Alb
Luke May c	        .306	Chat
Eduardo Perez 1b	.305	IE/Ch
Dee Gordon ss	        .301	GL
Tray Robinson of	.300	IE/Ch
Luis Maza inf        	.300	Alb
Mitch Jones of	        .297	Alb

 On-base pct	        obp	tm
AJ Ellis c	        .438	Alb
Hector Luna inf  	.414	Alb
James Tomlin of	        .401	Chat
Luke May c	        .390	Chat
Jamie Hoffmann of	.390	Ch/Al
Tony Delmonico c	.383	GL
Dee Brown of	        .382	Alb
Eduardo Perez 1b	.380	IE/Ch
Tray Robinson of	.373	IE/Ch
Scott Van Slyke of	.373	IE/Alb

 Slugging	        slug	tm
Mitch Jones of	        .651	Alb
Hector Luna inf	        .610	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        .545	GL
Tony Abreu 2b	        .541	Ch/Al
Scott Van Slyke of	.530	IE/Alb
Dee Brown of         	.523	Alb
Thomas Giles of	        .523	IE/Ch
Eduardo Perez 1b	.507	IE/Ch
Tray Robinson of	.493	IE/Ch
Jason Repko of	        .471	Alb

 On-base plus slugging	ops	tm
Hector Luna inf	        1.025	Alb
Mitch Jones of	        1.015	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        .916	GL
Dee Brown of  	        .905	Alb
Scott Van Slyke of	.903	IE/Alb
Tony Abreu 2b	        .902	Ch/Al
Thomas Giles of	        .894	IE/Ch
Eduardo Perez 1b	.887	IE/Ch
Tray Robinson of	.866	IE/Ch
Luke May c	        .858	Chat

 Runs Created	        RC	tm
Scott Van Slyke of	98.87	IE/Al
Tray Robinson of	97.00	IE/Ch
Kyle Russell of	        96.18	GL
Mitch Jones of	        91.48	Alb
Anthony Hatch 3b	80.42	GL
Jaime Pedroza 2b	80.14	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	78.82	IE/Ch
Hector Luna inf	        77.30	Alb
Dee Gordon ss	        74.80	GL
Alfredo Silverio of	71.63	GL
Dee Brown of	        70.14	Alb
Steven Caseres 1b	64.21	IE
Jamie Hoffmann of	64.04	Ch/Al
Chin-lung Hu ss	        64.00	Alb
James Tomlin of	        63.46	Chat

 Game	                gm	tm
Tray Robinson of	136	IE/Ch
Jaime Pedroza 2b	136	GL
Scott Van Slyke of	135	IE/Alb
Kyle Russell of	        133	GL
Alfredo Silverio of	132	GL
Dee Gordon ss	        131	GL
Russ Mitchell 2b-3b	131	Chat
Anthony Hatch 3b	130	GL
Chin-lung Hu ss	        130	Alb
Andrew Lambo of	        130	Chat

 Runs scored	        runs	tm
Jaime Pedroza 2b	100	GL
Dee Gordon ss	         96	GL
Tray Robinson of	 90	IE/Ch
Kyle Russell of	         90	GL
Anthony Hatch 3b	 80	GL
Dee Brown of	         79	Alb
Alfredo Silverio of	 76	GL
Scott Van Slyke of	 75	IE/Alb
Mitch Jones of	         72	Alb
Andrew Lambo of	         70	Chat
Elian Herrera of	 70	IE
Jason Repko of	         70	Alb

 Hits	                hits	tm
Dee Gordon ss	        162	GL
Tray Robinson of	159	IE/Ch
Scott Van Slyke of	147	IE/Alb
Chin-lung Hu ss	        146	Alb
Anthony Hatch 3b	141	GL
Alfredo Silverio of	139	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	135	IE/Ch
Jaime Pedroza 2b	135	GL
Kyle Russell of	        131	GL
Andrew Lambo of	        126	Chat

 Doubles	        2b	tm
Scott Van Slyke of	42	IE/Alb
Kyle Russell of	        39	GL
Andrew Lambo of	        39	Chat
Anthony Hatch 3b	36	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	35	IE/Ch
Dee Brown of	        35	Alb
Alfredo Silverio of	34	GL
Jaime Pedroza 2b	33	GL
Russ Mitchell 2b-3b	30	Chat
Tray Robinson of	29	IE/Ch

 Triples	        3b	tm
Tray Robinson of	11	IE/Ch
Blake DeWitt 2b-3b	 9	Alb
Kyle Russell of	         7	GL
Anthony Hatch 3b	 6	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	 6	IE/Ch
Alfredo Silverio of	 6	GL
Jaime Pedroza 2b	 6	GL
Steven Caseres 1b	 6	IE
Hector Luna inf	         6	Alb

 Home runs	        hr	tm
Kyle Russell of	        26	GL
Mitch Jones of	        25	Alb
Scott Van Slyke of	23	IE/Alb
Dee Brown of	        19	Alb
Hector Luna inf	        17	Alb
Tray Robinson of	17	IE/Ch
Jason Repko of	        16	Alb
Jaime Pedroza 2b	15	GL
Steven Caseres 1b	15	IE
Thomas Giles of	        15	IE/Ch

 Runs batted in	        rbi	tm
Mitch Jones of	        103	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        102	GL
Scott Van Slyke of	100	IE/Alb
Dee Brown of	         80	Alb
Jaime Pedroza 2b	 78	GL
Anthony Hatch 3b	 73	GL
Eduardo Perez 1b	 69	IE/Ch
Tray Robinson of	 64	IE/Ch
Jamie Hoffmann of	 64	Ch/Al
Russ Mitchell 2b-3b	 63	Chat
Nick Buss 1b 	         63	GL

 Stolen bases	         sb	tm
Dee Gordon ss	        73-25	GL
Tray Robinson of	47-20	IE/Ch
Elian Herrera of	43-7	IE
Jaime Pedroza 2b	36-14	GL
Preston Mattingly	25-13	IE
Jason Repko of	        24-7	Alb
Kyle Russell of	        20-2	GL
Jamie Hoffmann of	15-11	Ch/Al
Chin-lung Hu ss	        14-5	Alb
Nick Buss 1b	        14-3	GL
Jovanny Rosario of	14-1	IE/AL


 Wins	                 w-l	tm
Jon Michael Redding	16-3	GL
Carlos Alvarado	        13-10	Alb
Albert Bastardo	        12-5	IE/Al
Charlie Haeger	        11-6	Alb
Robert Blevins	        11-10	GL
Josh Walter	        10-4	GL
Hyang-Nam Choi	         9-2	Alb
Travis Chick	         8-7	Chat
Chris Withrow	         8-8	IE/Ch
Tim Sexton	         8-14	IE

 Saves	                sv	tm
Scott Strickland	32	Alb
Javy Guerra	        16	GL/Ch
Cole St. Clair	        15	GL
Matt Sartor	        11	Chat
Jacob McCarter	         7	IE
Marcel Prado	         7	IE
Harvey Garcia	         5	Chat
David Pfeiffer	         4	IE

 Earned run average
    [starters]	        era	tm
Nathan Eovaldi	        3.27	GL
Josh Walter	        3.27	GL
Carlos Alvarado	        3.49	Alb
Charlie Haeger	        3.55	Alb
Josh Lindblom	        3.83	Ch/Al
Scott Elbert	        3.84	Ch/Al
Ethan Martin	        3.87	GL
Tim Sexton	        3.96	IE
Albert Bastardo	        4.00	IE/Al
JD Durbin	        4.16	Ch/Al

 Earned run average
    [relief]        	era	tm
Geison Aguasviva	1.58	GL
JD Durbin	        2.05	Chat
Kendy Batista	        2.17	Chat
Hyang-Nam Choi	        2.34	Alb
Cole St. Clair	        2.48	GL
Javy Guerra	        2.56	GL/Ch
Steve Smith	        2.67	GL
Scott Strickland	2.98	Alb
Paul Koss	        3.00	Chat
Francisco Felix	        3.05	Ch/Al

 Games	                gms	tm
Javy Guerra	        51	GL/Ch
Scott Strickland	50	Alb
Matt Sartor	        49	Chat
Jesus Rodriguez	        46	Chat
Francisco Felix	        43	Ch/Al
Vincente Bonilla	41	Alb
Marcel Prado	        41	IE
Miguel Sanfler	        40	IE
Robert Boothe	        37	GL
Dwayne Pollok	        36	Alb
Jordan Pratt	        36	GL

 Games started	        gs	tm
Justin Miller	        28	GL/IE
Albert Bastardo	        27	IE/Al
Robert Blevins	        27	GL
Jesus Castillo	        27	Chat
James Adkins	        26	Chat
JonMichael Redding	26	GL
Carlos Alvarado	        25	Alb
Charlie Haeger	        22	Alb
Tim Sexton	        22	IE
Josh Wall	        22	IE
Chris Withrow	        22	IE/Ch

 Innings	        in	tm
Tim Sexton	        157.0	IE
Robert Blevins	        153.2	GL
Carlos Alvarado	        152.1	Alb
Jesus Castillo	        150.1	Chat
Justin Miller	        149.1	GL/IE
Albert Bastardo	        148.1	IE/Al
Charlie Haeger	        144.2	Alb
James Adkins	        138.2	Chat
JonMichael Redding	133.0	GL
Chris Withrow	        113.2	IE/Ch

 Strikeouts	        so	tm
Carlos Alvarado	        139	Alb
Chris Withrow	        131	IE/Ch
Albert Bastardo	        130	IE/Al
Scott Elbert	        125	Ch/Al
Ethan Martin	        120	GL
Josh Walter	        113	GL
Charlie Haeger	        103	Alb
Tim Sexton	        100	IE
Travis Chick	         98	Chat
Robert Blevins	         97	GL

 Strikeouts per nine innings
   [starters]	        so/9	tm
Scott Elbert	        11.72	Ch/Al
Ethan Martin	        10.80	GL
Chris Withrow	        10.42	IE/Ch
Josh Walter	         9.25	GL
Carlos Alvarado	         8.22	Alb
Albert Bastardo	         7.90	IE/Al
Travis Chick	         7.81	Chat
Mario Alvarez	         7.06	Chat
Nathan Eovaldi	         6.65	GL
JonMichael Redding	 6.50	GL

 Strikeouts per nine innings
   [relief]	        so/9	tm
Robert Boothe	        12.51	GL
Cole St. Clair	        11.22	GL
Javy Guerra	        10.78	GL/Ch
Scott Strickland	10.67	Alb
Jordan Pratt	        10.26	GL
Jacob McCarter	         9.98	IE
Kendy Batista	         9.64	IE/Chat
Matt Sartor	         9.61	Chat
Francisco Felix	         9.34	Ch/Al
Kyle Smit	         8.17	GL

 Hits per nine innings
     [starters]	        h/9	tm
Josh Walter	        7.53	GL
Ethan Martin	        7.65	GL
Carlos Alvarado	        8.22	Alb
Chris Withrow	        8.27	IE/Ch
Charlie Haeger	        8.36	Alb
Mario Alvarez	        8.39	Chat
Scott Elbert	        8.72	Ch/Al
Travis Chick	        8.76	Chat
Nathan Eovaldi	        8.90	GL
Albert Bastardo	        8.93	IE/Al

 Hits per nine innings
     [relief]	        h/9	tm
Jacob McCarter	        6.07	IE
Javy Guerra	        7.06	GL/Ch5
Jordan Pratt	        7.26	GL
Scott Strickland	7.48	Alb
Cole St. Clair	        7.48	GL
Kendy Batista	        7.52	IE/Chat
Geison Aguasviva	7.67	GL
Hyang-Nam Choi	        8.02	Alb
Matt Sartor	        8.22	Chat
Blake Brannon	        8.25	GL/IE

 Walks per nine innings
     [starters]	        bb/9	tm
Robert Blevins	        1.88	GL
Tim Sexton	        1.95	IE
Mario Alvarez	        2.56	Chat
JonMichael Redding	2.64	GL
Carlos Alvarado	        3.02	Alb
Eric Stults	        3.04	IE/Al
Albert Bastardo	        3.22	IE/Al
Jesus Castillo	        3.36	Chat
Charlie Haeger	        3.62	Alb
Travis Chick	        3.66	Chat

 Walks per nine innings
     [relief]	        bb/9	tm
Jesus Rodriguez	        2.25	Chat
Josh Lindblom	        2.43	Ch/Al
Steve Smith	        2.68	GL
Dwayne Pollok	        2.72	Alb
Geison Aguasviva	2.89	GL
David Pfeiffer	        3.19	IE
Francisco Felix	        3.23	Ch/Al
Cole St. Clair	        3.24	GL
Hyang-Nam Choi	        3.30	Alb
Kendy Batista	        3.35	IE/Chat

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