Kemp Becomes a 20/20 Club Member

When Matt Kemp homered with two on base in the final game of the Washington series, he put himself on the verge of a remarkable record. No Dodger -- Brooklyn or Los Angeles -- has hit .300 with 25+ home runs, knocked in 100+ runs and stole 30+ bases in the history of the franchise. He has six games left in the regular season to better those marks.

In addition, he has joined an exclusive group who have hit 20 or more home runs and have stolen 20 or more bases in the same season.

He has a chance to become only the second Dodger in the 30/30 club if he can hit four more home runs before the regular season ends.

At the present time, Raul Mondesi is the only Dodgers member of the 30/30 fraternity and he reached the heights three times, in 1997 and 1999. He also had a 26-home run, 34-steal record in his first full season to also place his name on the 20-20 chart as a 24-year-old in 1995.

After leaving the Dodgers in 1999 he was 24-22 between Toronto and the New York Yankees in 2002.

Kemp is the second youngest member of the club at 24. Willie Davis earned entrance in 1962 at age 22 and came close a second time 10 years later, posting a 19-20 mark. Davey Lopes joined at age 35, making him the oldest of the Dodgers crew.

Only six Dodgers in history have reached the 20-20 mark, including:
Pedro Guerrero hit the numbers twice (1982-83), Kirk Gibson (1988), Davey Lopes (1979), Willie Davis (1962) and Babe Herman (1929) all have on entry on the chart. Herman is the only Brooklyn player to reach the totals.

A number of players have come within a couple home runs or a couple stolen bases. They include Herman in 1930 (35-18), Jackie Robinson in 1952 (19-24), Tommy Davis in 1962 (27-18), Jimmy Wynn in 1974 (32-18), Russell Martin as a rookie in 2007 (19-21) and Kemp in 2008 (18-35).

Shawn Green was a 35-35 man for Toronto in 1998. Gary Sheffield eclipsed the 20-20 mark in 1998 but his 22 home runs and 22 stolen bases total include both Florida and Los Angeles figures. Sheffield had 16 HR and 18 SB as a Dodger that season.

The complete list:

  30 HR & 30 SB—              HR   SB
Raul Mondesi, 1997            30   32
Raul Mondesi, 1999            33   36    

  20 HR & 20 SB—              HR   SB
Babe Herman, 1929             21   21
Willie Davis, 1962            21   32
Davey Lopes, 1979             28   44
Pedro Guerrero, 1982          32   22
Pedro Guerrero, 1983          32   23
Kirk Gibson, 1988             25   31
Raul Mondesi, 1995            26   27
Shawn Green, 2000             24   24
Shawn Green, 2001             49   20
*Matt Kemp, 2009              26   34
 *with six games remaining