Dodgers Try to Bring the Series Home

The Chinese proverb goes, "The Longest Journey Begins With a Single Step." They thought they had taken the first step last night before Jimmy Rollins straightened out a 99 mph fastball but, baseball being what it is, they go on again tonight (Thursday) in an attempt to get things back where they operate better.

No one can brush this game off, as has been done in the past, by saying. "We've got time." The doomsday clock is approaching midnight, the wolf is at the door, the townspeople are outside with pitchforks and burning torches and Cole Hamels is again scheduled to pitch.

Betting against a parlay like that is like buying one lottery ticket per year and rushing to fill out a deposit slip.

But manager Joe Torre said, "We'll show up," and it too late in the season to doubt him, even if folks are lining up to point out just what has gone wrong and who's to blame.

The old sage, Manny Ramirez, has been around the block a time or two and knows the routine. "This is baseball," Ramirez told Ken Gurnick of "That game is over. All we can control is go out and give 100 percent. That's what we've been doing. The Phillies have just been playing better. They're pitching great, they're playing good, they're getting big hits. That's part of the game."

Obviously, the problem of the starting pitching is front and foremost the most pressing problem.

Who would have guessed that the Dodgers, down to their last cartridge inn their guns, would call on a pitcher they picked up off the waiver line from Texas in August?

But here comes Vicente Padilla, the newly crowned ace of the staff to attempt to win one more game and earn a return to Sunny California whose fans my be angry from time to time but do not approach the level of animosity reached by the Philadelphia fans who would put the cast of the "Night of the Living Dead" to shame.

The Dodgers will again Cole Hamels who was knocked around in the first game of the series but had no decision.

Torre pointed out, "It's tough, there's no question. But again, you're in postseason because you're tough-minded. We were tested a lot of times during the season ... and I anticipate we'll have the same guys. It's not guaranteeing we're going to win, but it's guaranteeing that

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