Bill James Handbook Now Available

As Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano's throw to first base thumped into the glove of first baseman Mark Teixeria's glove to retire Shane Victorino and end the 2009 World Series on November 4, Bill James Handbook 2009 was already available to the baseball public with detailed statistics on the regular season just ended.

Bring on the Hot Stove League!

It's time to get down the to the stats, analyze the unexpected successes, and look back at the meltdowns. More than any other resource, knowledgeable fans, fantasy players and baseball professions turn to The Bill James Handbook 2010-- a comprehensive collection of baseball stats to help understand the 2009 season and begin to prepare for 2010.

Simply put, The Bill James Handbook 2009 is the best and most complete annual baseball reference guide available today. It includes informative introductions to the different sections and an extensive glossary that includes explanations and even mathematical formulae for the multitude of statistics now used in baseball—many of them developed by Bill James himself.

Stuffed full of the splendid regular features plus a number of new ones it is again he first baseball annual available each season.

It's the book thousands of avid baseball fans eagerly await with every hit, pitch and catch in Major League Baseball's 2009 season.

Key features include:
	•	Exclusive! Fielding Bible Awards
	•	New! Instant Replay History
	•	New! Pinch Hitting Analysis
	•	Updated! Park Indices 
	•	Relief Pitching
	•	Manufactured Runs Analysis
	•	Young Talent Inventory
	•	Manager's Record
	•	Baserunning Analysis
	•	Career data for every 2009 major leaguer 
	•	 (and a few bonus players) with more 
	•	 statistical categories than any other book
	•	Pitcher Projections
	•	Hitter Projections
	•	Team Efficiency Summary
	•	Player Win Shares

Bill James

Bill James has been writing about baseball and compiling reference books about baseball since 1975. He is currently the Senior Baseball Operations Advisor for the Boston Red Sox.

The Bill James Handbook 2010
Bill James, Baseball Info Solutions
ISBN: 9780879464073
7 x 9
520 pages
November 2009
The book my be purchased by mail:
5559 W. Howard St.
Skokie, IL 60077
or by phone (800) 397-2282

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