Graphical Player Fantasy Aficionado Must

With millions of baseball fans hungry for the best resources to win their fantasy leagues, ACTA Sports released the new and improve edition of Graphical Player. Now with essential tools like dollar action values and alternative, equivalent players, this books is extremely valuable to fantasy gamers.

Graphical Player includes at-a-glance dashboards for over 1,000 ballplayers from both the majors and the minors, chosen expressively for their interest to fantasy leaguers. Featuring analysis from 24 of the web's savviest baseball writers, including Melissa Lockhard of, the book is now bigger and better than ever.

Key features include:

? Projected and historical dollar values for singe and mixed Roto leagues, as well as tallies for points leagues.

? Four years of career stats, including splits for RH/LH and first half/second half.

? Support for a variety of fantasy categories, including Caught Stealing, Complete Games, Blown Saves, Holds, Quality starts, and more.

? Minor-league stats down to Single-A for every player in 2009.

? A unique "min-browser" showing five players with similar projections for the same position.

? Profiles of more than 1000 prospects, with independent rankings from three experts.

? Speculative rosters for every LB team for 2001, 2011 and 2012. ? Sentiment indications for "buy-low" and "sell high" candidates. ? Full player 2009 stats by team.

? Groundbreaking metrics like xFIP, wOBA and Wins Above Replacement.

256 pages, paperback, 8.5" x 11"
ISBN: 978-0-87946-409-7

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