Manny: 'This is Last Year With Dodgers'

Manny Ramirez announced upon reaching Camelback Ranch in Arizona that 2010 would be his last season in Dodger Blue. He gave no reason for the pronouncement but did say he felt he had done a good job in 2010.

Manny wears a good-guy persona and many will pass this off as just another one of those things, but he usually knows what he is talking about, however he gave no reason for the statement.

He came to the Dodgers in a three-way trade with Boston and Pittsburgh on July 31, 2008. Until going 0-for-2 in the final game of the season, he was hitting .400. In 2009 he was suspended for 50 games for substance abuse.

In effect, 2010 will be his first full season with the club.

When asked why he is certain he won't be offered an extension, he replied, "I don't know. I just know I'm not going to be here."

He also said he might retire when the 2010 season ended.

"What I can to is just wait and at the end of the season I can say to myself if I want to do this, if I want to play.

"That is where I am at. I think I have to wait until the season ends and see where my family's at and make a choice."

Have the Dodgers indicated they would not offer an extension? Has his agent, Scott Boras, said he should jump back into the free agent pool and perhaps land one more big contract? Would he rather go back to the American League where he could be a designated hitter? Is he attempting to generate a groundswell of fan opinion that will influence the Dodgers of offer another year?

Perhaps the greatest hitter of the current era, he will turn 38 in May and did complain about his legs late in the 2009 season.

He also claimed that he did a fine job after returning from his suspension, decide for yourself. He hit .255 with 10 home runs and 34 runs batted in over his final 231 times at bat.

The one thing we know for certain. Manny is a man of mystery and hears his own drummer. And like Bogie and Bergman, we will always have 2008.

New Test Identifies HGH
  Buster Olney of ESPN, writes that a British rugby league has suspended a player for using human growth hormones. HGH is banned in the major North American sports leagues, most notably by baseball since 2005. But amid the lack of an effective test, there has not been testing for the substance. But now there is.

UK Anti-Doping chief executive Andy Parkinson said in the article in the London Daily News that the tests for the banned blood-boosting hormone EPO, sends out a message that scientists are catching up with cheats.

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