Lambo in Limbo

Most know that Los Angeles Dodgers prospect Andrew Lambo has been suspended for 50 games. This is said to be his second positive test for what's referred to as a "Drug of Choice." This may have come as a shock to some as most didn't even know he was popped a first time for said infraction. According to the Major League Baseball rules the fans are not always notified publicly of a first positive.

As quoted by the LA Times: "Under baseball's drug policy, any positive test for steroids results in a suspension. A first positive test for a "drug of abuse" -- including but not limited to marijuana, cocaine, heroin and LSD -- "is not disclosed publicly and does not result in a suspension."

  Point being, this is not Lambo's first run-in with the law, either in pro ball or in High School. The Dodgers knew the risk of drafting him. With his prospect status, and the inability to stay out of trouble is he now prime to become trade bait? Or has Mr. Lambo destroyed what trade equity the Dodgers might have had in him by getting suspended for what many speculate to be marijuana?

  The Dodgers need a starting pitcher in the worst way and with Roy Oswalt asking for a trade, Zack Greinke languishing in KC, and many other names a possibility to be moved at the trade deadline, do the Dodgers still have the ability to move Lambo as a top prospect in a package deal, or has that ship already sailed with the Dodgers having to hold on to him hoping he builds his stock back up?

   The word is that he's spending his 50 game suspension working out at the Spring Training facility in Glendale Arizona, but this takes a huge chunk of sharpening his skills out of the equation.

  To get charged not once but twice for pot is a colossal mistake by any measure of the word. And Lambo couldn't have fond a worse time to get in trouble, not that there's ever a good time.

   Although I am a fan of the young man, all in all, would the Dodgers now be better without him?

   We might never know. The sad thing is Lambo didn't just do this to himself he did it to the organization that trusted and believed him. Baseball is a business your every move causes your stock go up and down. Lambo may have just hit his Great Depression.

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