Sands and Lindsey Dominate Top 10

Something old and something new sounds like a wedding in the planning stages but in the case of the Dodgers minor league top 10 charts it indicates John Lindsey (33) and Jerry Sands (22). Of course, the "old and new" tags are in baseball age, of course.

Lindsey seems to be a non-option for the Dodgers who were looking for an off-the-bench pinch-hitter in the spring and opted for Garret Anderson (38) over Doug Mientkiewicz (36), giving John only a brief look during the actual games.

John Lindsey

The fact that he his tearing up the Pacific Coast League hasn't eve drawn a mention by any of the Los Angeles media, instead suggesting that Jay Gibbons might be the man to replace Anderson if his bat continues to slumber (12-for-72, .156).

Sands, on the other side of the mountain, was a 25th round pick in 2008. After a disappointing rookie season in the Gulf Coast League where he hit .205 but displayed some power (10 home runs), he ignited with Ogden last season, hitting .350. He had cup of coffee with Great Lakes (27 at bats in 22 games) but hit only .260.

The pop was still in his bat, however, and he finished with 19 home runs in only 277 times at bat. In the first two months of 2010, he his hitting .355 with a system-leading 15 home runs and 37 runs batted in. That projects to 45 homers and 117 ribbies, but projections rarely work out that neatly.

A check with Brad Golder, play-by-play guru at Great Lakes, indicated that there is no betting line on how long he will stay with the Loons, but you can bet the front office shudders a bit each time they receive a call from Los Angeles.

In the pitching department, the lower minors are stuffed full of pitching prospects despite the fact that a number of those who were projected to be in line for a mid-season promotion to the show (James McDonald, Ethan Martin, Scott Elbert, Josh Lindblom) are currently under-producing. Of course, with the season only one-third completed, there is plenty of time or any or all of them to come around.

Allen Webster, the 18th round pick in 2008, is the current golden boy and is leading the franchise in both wins (6) and earned run average (1.94).'s exclusive top 10 covering the first two months of the season:

 Batting Average
.430 John Lindsey, Alb
.389 Jay Gibbons, Alb
.355 Travis Denker, IEmp
.355 Jerry Sands, GLks
.344 Kyle Russell, IEmp
.322 Russell Mitchell, Alb
.314 Prentice Redman, Alb
.313 Chris Gutierrez, IEmp
.311 Jamie Hoffman, Alb
.313 Chris Gutierrez, IEmp

 On-Base Percentage
.470 John Lindsey, Alb
.446 Tony Delmonico, IEmp
.437 Kyle Russell, IEmp
.436 Jerry Sands, GLks
.405 Jay Gibbons, Alb
.401 Chris Gutierrez, IEmp
.400 Travis Denker, IEmp
.379 Russell Mitchell, Alb
.378 Blake Smith, GLks
.374 Prentice Redman, Alb
.373 Christian Lara, GLks

 Slugging Average
.744 John Lindsey, Alb
.694 Jerry Sands, GLks
.674 Jay Gibbons, Alb
.651 Kyle Russell, IEmp
.613 Travis Denker, IEmp
.532 Prentice Redman, Alb
.523 Cory Smith, Chat
.515 Matt Wallach, IEmp
.493 Russell Mitchell, Alb
.483 Blake Smith, GLks

 On-Base Plus Slugging
1.213 John Lindsey, Alb
1.130 Jerry Sands, GLks
1.087 Kyle Russell, IEmp
1.079 Jay Gibbons, Alb
1.013 Travis Denker, IEmp
 .906 Prentice Redman, Alb
 .882 Cory Smith, Chat
 .872 Russell Mitchell, Alb
 .861 Blake Smith, GLks
 .848 Matt Wallach, IEmp

 Runs Scored
38 John Lindsey, Alb
37 Kyle Russell, IEmp
36 Jerry Sands, GLks
32 Angel Songco, GLks
30 Tray Robinson, Chat
28 Jay Gibbons, Alb
28 Christian Lara, GLks
27 Ivan De Jesus, Alb
27 Prentice Redman, Alb
27 Dee Gordon, Chat

74 John Lindsey, Alb
65 Jerry Sands, GLks
64 Kyle Russell, IEmp
61 Christian Lara, GLks
60 Jamie Hoffman, Alb
57 Dee Gordon, Chat
56 Jay Gibbons, Alb
49 Russell Mitchell, Alb
49 Prentice Redman, Alb
48 Eddy Perez, Chat
48 Lucas May, Chat

22 John Lindsey, Alb
15 Jay Gibbons, Alb
14 Blake Smith, GLks
13 Jamie Hoffman, Alb
13 Eddy Perez, Chat
13 Jerry Sands, GLks
12 Ivan De Jesus, Alb
12 Russell Mitchell, Alb
12 Christian Lara, IEmp
11 Kyle Russell, GLks
11 Brian Cavazos-Galvez, GLks

4 Kyle Buss, IEmp
3 Tray Robinson, Chat
3 Scott Van Slyke, Chat
3 Matt Wallach, IEmp

 Home Runs
15 Jerry Sands, GLks
14 Kyle Russell, IEmp
10 John Lindsey, Alb
 8 Jay Gibbons, Alb
 7 Prentice Redman, Alb
 6 Tray Robinson, Chat
 6 Cory Smith, Chat 
 5 Christian Lara, IEmp
 5 Blake Smith, GLks

 Runs Batted In
48 Kyle Russell, IEmp
42 John Lindsey, Alb
39 Jay Gibbons, Alb
37 Jerry Sands, GLks
31 Cory Smith, Chat
30 Prentice Redman, Alb
29 Jamie Hoffman, Alb
28 Russell Mitchell, Alb
27 Christian Lara, IEmp
27 Blake Smith, GLks

 Stolen Bases
20-9 Dee Gordon, Chat
16-4 Brian Cavazos-Galvez, GLks
15-4 Elian Herrera, Chat
13-4 Rafael Ynoa, GLks
13-4 Tray Robinson, Chat
10-4 Christian Lara, GLks
 9-1 Jerry Sands, GLks
 7-3 Kyle russell, IEmp
 6-1 Chin-Lung Hu, Alb


6-3 Allen Webster, GLks
5-3 Alberto Bastardo, Chat
5-3 Ethan Martin, IEmp
4-0 Brett Wallach, GLks
4-1 James McDonald, Alb
4-1 Will Savage, GLks
4-3 Mario Alvarez, Chat
4-3 Eli Pimentel, GLks
3-5 Tim Corcoran, Alb

 Earned run average
1.94 Allen Webster, GLks
2.18 Will Savage, GLks
2.63 Jesus Castillo, Chat
2.83 Eli Pimentel, GLks
2.91 Nat Eovaldi, IEmp
3.08 Aaron Miller, IEmp
3.83 Josh Wall, GLks
3.84 Brett Wallach, GLks
3.75 Alberto Bastardo Chat
3.81 Mario Alvarez, Chat

20 Kyle Smit, GLks
19 Brent Leach, Alb
19 Juan Perez, Alb
18 Brandon Mann, IEmp
17 John Link, Alb
16 Justin Miller, Alb
16 Travis Schlichting, Alb
16 Luis Vasquez, GLks
16 Eric Krebs, Chat
16 Paul Koss, IEmp

57.2 Alberto Bastardo, Chat
57.2 Will Savage, GLks
54.2 Jesus Castillo, Chat 
54.1 Mario Alvarez, Chat
52.0 Josh Wall, GLks
50.1 Jon Redding, IEmp
51.0 Josh Lindblom, Alb
51.0 Allen Webster, GLks
49.2 Aaron Miller, IEmp
47.2 Eli Pimentel, GLks

57 Alberto Bastardo, Chat
53 Eli Pimentel, GLks
52 Ethan Martin, IEmp
50 Allen Webster, GLks
50 Aaron Miller, IEmp
49 Josh Wall, GLks
47 James McDonald, Alb
45 Josh Lindblom, Alb
42 Brett Wallach, GLks
41 Will Savage, GLks
40 Scott Elbert, Alb
40 Chris Withrow, Chat

9 Luis Vasquez, GLks
5 Javy Guerra, Chat
3 Scott Dohmann, Alb
3 John Link, Alb
3 Jon Huber, Chat
3 Justin Miller, GLks
3 Steve Smith, GLks

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