Exhibition Game #3: Game Recap

In the final game of the preseason, fans got to see prospect Jesse Foppert shine, despite a 3-1 loss to Seattle.

It's days like these that make you wish there was a six man rotation in baseball. 22 year old phenom Jesse Foppert's pitching sparkled today despite the 3-1 loss to Seattle at Pac Bell Park, showing us just how close the battle between the three young pitchers -Foppert, Ainsworth and Jensen- for the two starting spots really was.

Foppert pitched a solid five innings, earning only one of the two runs scored in the fourth inning; John Olerud hit for two bags and was brought home by a single from Mike Cameron, who later came in to score on a Benito Santiago error.

The last run scored by the Mariners was generated by a single off of Pat Border's bat, followed by a triple into the gap by John Mabry all off of reliever Alberto Montes.

Marquis Grissom scored the only Giants run with a solo shot to left field in the bottom of the fourth. This is probably due to Barry Bonds' absence in the starting lineup- today was his day off.

Foppert, who now heads to Triple-A Fresno today, will be watching Jensen and Ainsworth's first couple of starts- any slip up from either the relatively verteran Jensen or the gold medal Ainsworth and Foppert could be standing on the mound quicker than Marvin Benard can slap a guy with a towel full of shaving cream (isn't it wonderful to be a rookie!).

On a slightly less entertaining note, Jose Cruz Jr. took a nasty slide into second in the fifth inning, eating enough dirt to keep him spitting well into the seventh. Note to younger players: make sure your arms stay in front of you when you slide. Also, remember to check your belt for dirt while you are wiping yourself off.

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