Giants vs. Padres: Series Preview

Giants start the season in San Diego, what will be in store for them?

When looking at this matchup against the Padres, most Giants fans probably respond this way:

"The Padres? Are you kidding me? Even with a healthy Trevor Hoffman, this should be a piece of cake!"

Unfortunately, The Padres have managed to acquire the mythic ex-Dodger Jesse Orosco, who is well known for being a Bonds diffuser (Bonds average against him is only .162).

And then there are the new guys like right fielder Xavier Nady, who has batted a respectable .352 this spring and speedy utility outfielder Shane Victorino who hope to pick up the Padres.

Couple that with the steady power of veterans Mark Loretta, Ryan Klesko, Rondell White and Mark Kotsay, if the Giants are not offensively 'on' tomorrow, we could be looking at a Padres win.

Giants' Keys to the Game:
The Giants are going to need a solid offensive game, period. If Woody pitches with the same freedom of movement and accuracy, then the only thing the Giants will need to do is produce a couple of runs to tide them over.

Watch out for Tuesday starter Oliver Perez. Last year he topped the Mariners, Yankees, Dodgers and Giants in his rookie year. He's healthy, so expect a 94 MPH fastball and a slider at two different arm positions with slight timing changes.

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