Rewind: Padres vs Giants, Game #1 (Opening Day)

Jillian and publisher, Michelle, were lucky enough to get tickets to Opening Day at Pacific Bell Park. Here is Jillian's special recap of the game.

What a fantastic Opening Day. It was a beautiful 63 degree day and I am at home, exhausted after screaming and the color of burnt lobster, but happy. And why shouldn't I be, the Giants beat the San Diego Padres 7-4, giving them their best start (7-0) since 1930. Not only that, but three Giants combined for 5 home runs.

The game began well enough, Jason Schmidt pitching three uneventful innings with three strikeouts and Jose Cruz Jr. blasting a run into left to begin the Giants' run. However, during innings 4 and 5, Schmidt struggled to close out the innings, but managed to get by, stranding a total of 5 people on base.

The third inning, while uneventful for San Diego, was a powerful inning for the Giants. Jose Cruz smacked a two run bomb almost exactly where he landed the first one. Almost immediately after, Rich Aurilia launched a ball into his usual, center-left spot giving the Giants a 4-0 lead at the bottom of the third. This was not to last, however, for in the 6th inning, Jason Schimdt earned a run when Wiki Gonzalez hit a double to drive in Lou Merloni. This signified the end for Schmidt, and the entrance of Scott Eyre, who closed down the inning with no problems.

The 4-1 lead was not to last. Felix Rodriguez came in to replace Scott Eyre in the 8th, and the Padres lit him up. Wiki Gonzalez, coming up clutch again, drove in two, and , after Chad Zerbe comes into replace Rodriguez, was then waived home from a double by Mark Loretta. Tim Worrell was signaled to come in, and he closed out the inning efficiently.

With the score tied 4-4, Rich Aurilia came up with no outs and belted a shot to left, circling the bases for a second time. Barry came up next and managed a walk. While Jaret Wright pitched to Edgardo Alfonso, Barry stole second base, leaving him only 15 short of 500 SB. It really wasn't necessary, however, as Alfonzo decided to join in Aurilia and Cruz's slug fest and hit a two-run shot to the ever-popular left field. The game was finished up by Tim Worrell, extending the Giants streak to 7-0 and giving him the win.

At the Game Notes: Barry Bonds went 0-3 with 2 strikeouts and a walk. Could this be due to the fact that he came into the batters box this afternoon to the backbeat of 'You're My Cutiepie'? While fans cheered wholeheartedly for newcomers Cruz and Ray Durham, CF Marquis Grissom was met with some apprehension- Giants fans can still picture him with a Dodgers cap, robbing Aurilia of his homerun. Ryan Jensen, before the game, spent over half an hour signing anything that came his way, not leaving till every fan was satisfied.

Post Note: Neither Michelle or myself saw the 128 man today. If you go to the games and have been in the bleachers, you've seen him. If, by chance, the 128 man is reading this, SFGiantsInsiders hope you had a great day at the game!

A Special Thank You goes to Olliefu for getting us the wonderful tickets to opening day. If Michelle hadn't known him, we wouldn't have gotten the tickets, nor would that have led to him getting his Barry Bonds autograph. It's basically all karma. Think about it.

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