Giants vs Dodgers Game Postponed Due to Rain

Weather reports stated that the next few days in San Francisco would be filled with rain. Lo and behold, they were actually right.

As soon as the day began, rain was coming down hard in San Francisco. Fans still made their way to Pacific Bell Park hoping to watch the Giants clinch their first series of the season against the Dodgers. After being under rain delay for over forty minutes, it was announced that the third game in the Dodgers vs Giants series has been postponed due to the heavy rain and wind.

As always, there were hopes that it would let up and baseball would be played in order to avoid rescheduling. Yet, the rain just didn't cooperate.

Giants right-handed power pitcher, Jason Schmidt, was scheduled for today's start against Dodgers pitcher, Kevin Brown. Though not official, Schmidt's start may be pushed back to tomorrow's late-afternoon game.

Ticket holders for today's game will be able to use their tickets on Saturday, September 27, 2003 with a 7:15pm start. This will be the second game in the double header, as there is a game at 1:05pm the same day.

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