Giants Make A Move At Catcher

With Pat Burrell heading to the DL with bone spurs in his foot, the Giants have brought up catcher Hector Sanchez to replace him on the big league roster. Sanchez is only 21 and has hit a combined .302 this season between San Jose and Fresno.

With the loss of Buster Posey, the Giants have been looking for someone to contribute offensively on a regular basis from the catcher position. Eli Whiteside has helped in some key situations throughout the year -- but going forward he is still not someone the Giants seem content with. In steps Hector Sanchez, a 21-year-old switch-hitting catcher who could be the man the team is looking for. Giving Sanchez a shot to play regularly now should give the Giants a chance to see if they need to make a move for a veteran catcher before the trade deadline.

Sanchez's season in the minors has been an interesting one, with his power from San Jose almost disappearing completely once he was called up to Fresno. However, with the loss of power in Fresno came increased plate discipline and less strikeouts. After posting a 5/41 BB/K ratio in San Jose, he has improved in Fresno with a 9/13 BB/K ratio in 92 plate appearances. The Giants are hoping that Sanchez can find his comfort zone somewhere in the middle of those numbers while maintaining close to the .280-.300 batting average he has shown in his 5 years in the minors.

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