Trade Analysis: Mets Land Much Needed Upside

While many teams appear hesitant to give up blue chip prospects in exchange for half season rentals, the Giants didn't flinch in giving up one of the game's most talented pitching prospects, Zack Wheeler, in exchange for Carlos Beltran. The Mets certainly won't be complaining, however, as they netted some badly needed high upside pitching for their farm system.

The year after you win the World Series it seems you are almost obligated to be in all out "win now" mode. So, from the Giants' perspective you have to tip your cap to them for landing the best player on the trade market that we know of. They were in severe need of offensive assistance, and there's no reason to expect that Carlos Beltran won't continue to have an outstanding season.

An experienced and potent bat like Beltran can quickly be inserted into the middle of San Francisco's lineup and it could be just the move they need to have any chance at competing with Philadelphia for National League superiority. The price they had to pay, however, was very steep for a rental.

The Giants' farm system isn't loaded with pitching prospects at the moment, and the same can be said for the Mets' system. But, in receiving this hard throwing 21-year-old right-hander the Mets couldn't have helped themselves more in one single deal. They likely could have taken quantity and received a package of lesser prospects. Instead, they took a high reward gamble on an extremely talented young arm.

It does need to be noted that Wheeler is indeed a gamble. As talented as he is, he's had some recurring command issues and the development of his third pitch has given him trouble since he was drafted sixth overall in 2009. However, he does work at 93-94 mph and consistently cranks his fastball up to 96-97. He also owns a plus curveball that figures to be a strikeout pitch at the big league level. His changeup has a very long way to go, as does the consistency in his delivery and overall command, though.

Wheeler is at least a couple years from the big leagues, but these are the types of players the Mets' need in their farm system. He can instantly be part of the conversation as the top prospect in their system, and if developed correctly he could pitch at the top of the big league rotation. As one of the first big moves in the Mets' rebuilding process under Sandy Alderson, this has to be viewed as an extremely positive step for this organization.

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