Giants Seeking Leadoff Leadership

The Giants have been looking for a leadoff hitter all year long. Andres Torres has regressed dramatically from his breakout 2010 season. When Torres hasn't batted first this year, Aaron Rowand has taken a stab at it. In more than 460 ABs combined, Torres and Rowand have barely eked out a .300 OBP from the leadoff spot. Is it time for Gary Brown?

The Giants lack speed. Even with his recent DL stint, Andres Torres is the only player on the team with more than 10 stolen bases. He has the third most walks on the squad, with a "whopping" 32.

Relative the rest of the Giants' anemic offense, Torres has the ability to walk and steal bases. He also plays an above-average center field. It would make sense to keep Torres at the top of the order as the Giants fight for a playoff spot...

But what about Gary Brown?

The 22-year-old is currently putting up a monster season for San Jose, hitting .334 with 49 stolen bases. Brown's also sporting a .404 OBP. And for good measure, he's also got 12 jacks to his name -- enough for second-most on the team.

We know, we know. We hear you, critics: He's young; it's his first year of professional baseball; he's unproven.

But considering where we're at -- four games back of Arizona as of Sunday night -- why not? When rosters expand later this week, let's hope Gary Brown can become the type of catalyst this offense needs.

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