Mets Active On Day Two In Dallas

DALLAS, Texas -- The Mets didn't make any big headlines on Tuesday in Dallas, but that doesn't mean they weren't active. New York pulled off a trade, as well as signing two free agents to bolster a bullpen that was in need of some serious help.

Some trades make a major impact on the teams involved, and other trades are minor in nature and provide tweaks to the big league club. Well, the Mets did quite a bit of tweaking on Tuesday. They inked relievers, Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco and also dealt outfielder Angel Pagan to the San Francisco Giants in exchange for Ramon Ramirez and Andres Torres.

For those of you keeping score at home that's a net gain of three relief pitchers for the Mets in one day of dealing. None of these players are game changers for New York, but all of a sudden they have an extremely deep bullpen filled with pitchers who will give them consistent innings late in the game. Again, it doesn't change the Mets into a winning team overnight, but they turned a question mark into a strength in quite a hurry.

As for the Giants' end of the trade, they are able to essentially replace Andres Torres and fill his role with a far more productive player in Angel Pagan. Ramon Ramirez is a quality arm and is tough to lose but Pagan should provide some good value for them.

Ramirez is probably the highest upside arm the Mets' acquired on the day, as Francisco and Rauch will likely have their bouts with inconsistency. But, overall you have to consider the day a victory if you're a Met fan, albeit a minor one.

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