Speed At Top Should Get Giants Offense Moving

With Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan, the Giants believe they've upgraded their offense and become more of a complete team.

"We feel good where we're at," assistant GM Bobby Evans said.

Though manager Bruce Bochy said the lineup and defensive alignment will work themselves out in spring training, it's a good bet Angel Pagan will play center and bat first and Melky Cabrera will play left and bat either second or in the middle of the lineup.

"We haven't had speed and base stealing at the top of the lineup that we have with Pagan -- I don't think (Andres) Torres had his track record -- in recent years," Evans said.

The Giants' rotation is set if Barry Zito keeps the No. 5 spot, and so is the bullpen, for the most part. The big questions regard the offense, and management is leaning heavily on young Brandon Crawford at shortstop. First baseman Brandon Belt will get time as long as he produces.

More important, the Giants expect an upgrade with their offense, which scored the league's fewest runs last season. Cabrera arrived in the Jonathan Sanchez-to-Royals trade, and Pagan was acquired from the Mets for Torres and reliever Ramon Ramirez.

The Giants also will get a player to be named or cash.

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