Giants Believe A's Won't Find Way To San Jose

While the A's traded away several star players while saying they're rebuilding in preparation of a move to San Jose, the Giants remain hardliners. They still say the A's can't move to San Jose, where the Giants own territorial rights.

On the A's desire to relocate to San Jose, former managing general partner Peter Magowan said: "I think it's wishful thinking. I don't think they'll get anywhere with it. I'd be surprised if a different result were to come about."

Magowan, who still owns a stake in the team, said he hasn't heard that MLB is leaning toward permitting the A's to move to San Jose.

"I'd be amazed that, with all the public reassurances we've received from Bud Selig over the years, he would change his mind on this matter," Magowan told the San Francisco Chronicle.

"He's a man of his word, a man of integrity, and he has been clear and direct in the past about reaffirming our territorial rights. It's hard to see how he would not be bound by what he's said, as many times as he has been on the record in support of those rights."

For now, the Bay Area is the most lopsided two-team market. The Mets have their problems in New York, as the Dodgers do in L.A. The Cubs haven't won in more than a century. But none of those teams (all in two-team markets) are buried like the A's.

The Giants, meanwhile, sold out the 2011 season in the wake of their 2010 World Series title and expect to top 3 million again in 2012, and compete again for a playoff berth, thanks to one of baseball's best pitching staffs.

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