Giants Have Speed To Burn?

Will Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan be difference-makers for a Giants offense that scored the National League's fewest runs last year?

"I like the moves they made. I like the speed," ace Tim Lincecum said.

More than any pitcher in 2011, Lincecum was victimized by an anemic offense. In 10 of his 33 starts, he received zero run support.

"It'll be a big difference to have those guys on base," Pablo Sandoval said.

It's not just Cabrera and Pagan. It's the return of Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez, who missed most of last season with injuries. It's the anticipated bounce-back season from Aubrey Huff, who was a virtual no-show on the field.

With Cabrera and Pagan, the Giants have an element of speed that has been missing in recent years -- the presence of Andres Torres notwithstanding.

"When I was with the Mets, I saw this team was in desperate need of a speedster at the top of the lineup that'll get on base for the RBI guys, and that'll be me," Pagan said.

Both are switch-hitters, and both can play center field. The early thinking is that Pagan will be in center and hit first and Cabrera will hit second or perhaps fifth or sixth and play left. Cabrera scored 102 runs last year, and Pagan stole 32 bases.

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