Who's Hot, Who's Not - June 13, 2003

The month of June signaled the beginning of interleague play for the Giants. The NL West is matched against the AL Central for this round, and things were to be interesting, as the Giants got to face the recently winningest team—the Minnesota Twins—and the worst team—the Detroit Tigers. Who was hot and who was, well, not, as we crossed league lines


Marquis Grissom
The man is on a roll. The leadoff spot has been pretty good to him. Grissom has a hitting streak going, and though he admittedly doesn't have the patience, he certainly can scare the opposing pitchers enough with the threat of a stolen base.

Pedro Feliz
Pedro Feliz just hasn't cooled down! He has produced, especially on Wednesday night, when he hit his first grand slam ever to give the Giants a 4-to-zip lead over the Chicago White Sox. Whenever he gets the chance to play, Feliz shines, although moreso offensively than defensively. Although he made a few fielding mistakes, none of them (luckily) resulted in any permanent damage for the team. And for all of his transgressions, he has made up for them with hit smoking-hot bat.

Barry Bonds
Nothing speaks more than production. Though he was shut down for the most part by Bartolo Colon on Thursday night, Barry struck back with a soaring two-run blast. Yeah, did I mention? No, I didn't. He's hit balls out of the park in the last two games against the White Sox, too. Sure, he's been in the DH spot for the last two games, but he's Barry Bonds. Oh, and look. He made the "hot" list!

Jesse Foppert
Foppert has been on and off, but not for lack of trying. A lot of his troubles have been due to run support, but he didn't run into much resistance in the Giants win on Wednesday night. He had an 11-run cushion. And he was shining. He registered a career high of 10 strikeouts in 7 and 1/3 innings of work. A sweet comeback from his not-so-hot previous start. Luckily, people remember the high moments more.

Rich Aurilia
He hasn't played lately, but when he has…wow. On Thursday, he hit a grand slam to win the game. I almost forgot to mention, he was suffering from something like the flu when he did it. Oh, he makes guys pay for trash talk, too.


Damian Moss
Moss has lost velocity. Approximately 6 miles per hour off his fastball. Moss has lost games. A good chunk of his recent starts, in fact. The only thing Moss has padded is his ERA. That is a BAD thing. A "dead arm"? Moss doesn't think so. But who knows. Whatever it is, something is dead, and it's got Damian Moss in quite a pitching funk.

Edgardo Alfonzo
For heaven's sake, the man is hitting a mere .217, and he's a lifetime .292 hitter. What happened?! Sure, it's not quite as bad as the White Sox's Buerhle, who won over fifteen games last year and this year has dropped ten of twelve decisions, but that's beside the point. Fonzie isn't producing. Nobody knows why. This is the wrong year to have a yearlong slump, buddy. Everybody's gotten hot except for him—even the bench players!

The Bullpen
With the exception of Worrell and occasionally Nathan, the bullpen has been weak. Despite the fact that many of them were feeling unwell, Felix, who had been hot, just started to get ugly, and Brower wasn't any better. The bullpen just collapsed during interleague play. So, please, somebody, call a medic.

Honorable Mentions:

Jerome Williams
Williams hasn't gotten a decision, but he's had great stuff. Props to the youngster. He's learned fast, and he's been pretty solid, considering he's only had three big league starts.

Jason Christiansen
I commend the guy for coming back from Tommy John surgery. Christiansen hasn't been fantastic, but he's proved himself.

The Stricken
It may sound like a joke, but with the flu-like bug that's going around the Giants clubhouse, this category is actually serious. Here's to all the Giants, like Richie, who are sticking it out despite feeling under the weather.

Amy Lew has been writing close to anything and everything for SFDugout.com since its inception. . A Giants fan since age eight (1994), she writes ‘Who's Hot and Who's Not,' does her fair share of special features, and serves an unofficial editor. You can contact her at paradisiapoetica@yahoo.com.

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