Giants Fire Back In Battle For San Jose

The Giants continue to battle the A's in response to the Oakland team's desire to move to San Jose.

The San Jose area has previously been considered part of the Giants' territory.

The territorial rights have been "explicitly reaffirmed by Major League Baseball on four separate occasions," the Giants wrote in a statement, referencing to when former Giants managing partner Peter Magowan bought the team prior to the 1993 season.

"Upon purchasing the team 20 years ago, our plan to revive the franchise relied heavily on targeting and solidifying our fan base in the largest and fastest growing county within our territory," the Giants said. "Based on these Constitutionally-recognized territorial rights, the Giants invested hundreds of millions of dollars to save and stabilize the team for the Bay Area, built AT&T Park privately and has operated the franchise so that it can compete at the highest levels."

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