Club Finally Speaks About Territorial Rights

The Giants are firing back at the A's. That silence ordered by commissioner Bud Selig over territorial rights to San Jose? Forget about it. The Giants were too livid to keep it inside any longer, so they popped off about the A's in a prepared statement.

The Giants were upset about a statement released earlier by the A's suggesting the Giants' territorial rights aren't firm because they were granted when previous Giants ownership sought a ballpark in Santa Clara in the early '90s.

"MLB-recorded minutes clearly indicate that the Giants were granted Santa Clara, subject to relocating to the city of Santa Clara," the A's release said.

The Giants' rebuttal contended A's ownership agreed to the rights when purchasing the team "for just $172 million in 2005" -- a clear shot that the A's bought the team on the cheap.

There was no mention by the Giants that they bought the team for "just $100 million" in 1992.

The Giants' statement added: "Indeed, the A's fail to mention that MLB's 1990 territorial rights designation has been explicitly re-affirmed by Major League Baseball on four separate occasions."

This feud isn't going away. Not when MLB isn't in a decision-making mode three years after commissioner Bud Selig formed a three-man committee to analyze the A's ballpark dilemma.

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