Who's Hot, Who's Not, June 14-20

Nobody said it would get easier as the season progressed. In fact, for the most part, it's been downright ugly. Still, some players have shone through the clouds with consistent outstanding performances. And others—well, others just haven't had that kind of luck. As we round out another week, this one a mixed bag, who's thawing the ice of this road trip, and who's so cold they're barely recognizable beneath the freezerburn?


Jason Schmidt
The man they call "Schmidty" picked up a spectacular 11 K's on Thursday night at Dodger Stadium. He picked up a complete game shutout, too. It honestly does not get much better than that. Despite a few shaky starts, Schmidt has, for the most part, been solid and the certifiable "ace" of the Giants' rotation. Not to mention he conquered the evil Shawn Green, who has, for the most part, haunted Schmidt.

Marquis Grissom
Again. It's a mystery why he doesn't seem to cool down. Marquis is good. He is hitting over .300 in his recent starts. It would be redundant to state why he belongs here. Patience or not, the man is thriving in the leadoff spot. Period.


Jesse Foppert
Can we say ugly, and no, I'm not referring to his face. In his Tuesday start against the Dodgers, Jesse came back with his proverbial tail between his legs after a meager 4 and 2/3 innings. Surely, not as bad as some of his earlier starts, but compared to his last start in which he amassed a career high 10 strikeouts…well, it doesn't compare. He hung everything. The question is, if it's not a first stage fastball, why is it still moving in a STRAIGHT LINE?

Kirk Rueter
And Rueter didn't do much better the night after Foppert went down. For a pitcher known for relatively short outings but relatively low-scoring games, he turned his reputation a bit on it's head, and even more surprising was the fact that this came in June. Rueter is known to have hot Junes, yet he's been cold as ice. His start didn't last. Oh, and he gave up 4 runs on 6 hits. Yuck. As in Schmidt's case, statistics aren't everything, right?

Barry Bonds
As of the last standings, Bonds was hot, but alas, he has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. He may not be getting all that much to hit, but whatever is out there for him, he just isn't connecting with it. Yes, he's getting walks. No, getting on base, for the Giants, isn't getting the job done.

Joe Nathan
It's hard to think about that really hot start for Nathan out of the bullpen now. Almost impossible, in fact. Despite a few good outings, he's been bombing. He's hit batters, and he's issued walks like there's no tomorrow. Pray. Come on. Just concentrate REALLY really hard.

Honorable Mentions:

Damian Moss
The Australian southpaw has improved his record and perhaps a bit of his ERA for the month, albeit, not by much. Still waiting for this arm!

Edgardo Alfonzo
Look, the man has made a move, and it's not a bad one! I commend him for getting on base when he hits the ball NOT at the opposing players, for a change. They're actually falling for hits, and he doesn't strike out easily. Now, if only the Giants capitalized on that….

Benito Santiago
He would have played, and he got a homer on Thursday night, but OUCH! Benni's taking a lot of abuse, and sure, it's expected because he's a catcher, but I think the man can only take so many shots to the groin with a speedy baseball.

Amy Lew has been writing close to anything and everything for SFDugout.com since its inception. . A Giants fan since age eight (1994), she writes ‘Who's Hot and Who's Not,' does her fair share of special features, and serves an unofficial editor. You can contact her at paradisiapoetica@yahoo.com.

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