Trade or Fail

The Giants have gone 22-18 in their last 42 games while the Dodgers have gone 27-13 and the Diamondbacks 25-17. Alou can play with his lineup all he wants, but unless he wants to finish in 2nd place, he has got to make some sort of trade and get more experience on his pitching staff.

Tinkering. It's a word to describe Felipe Alou. He makes small adjustments to his lineup, and uses different lineups in almost every game. But it's really not working, because what the Giants need, they don't have. Here Alou is, thinking he can improve things by moving players around the lineup. But the Giants don't have what it takes to win. Not right now. If they didn't make any trades for the rest of this season, chances are they wouldn't make it to the playoffs.

But what do the Giants need to make it? Quite simply, they need experienced pitchers as both starters and relievers. The holes in the Giants bullpen are very glaring. A lot of this is caused by Robb Nen's season-ending shoulder surgery. This pushed setup man Tim Worrell into the closer role. The Giants suddenly lost a great setup man due to Nen's injury. At first, as a Giants fan, I thought we didn't even need Nen, when we were 25-9 and on top of the world. But reality set in. If we had both Nen and Worrell, I wouldn't have to write this article, because we'd be doing better.

But no matter how we look at it, Nen is gone. There's no use looking at what could have been. Instead the Giants need to get a NEW pitcher. The key word here is new. Not a minor leaguer to be given his major league debut. We're in a serious situation. We were once 25-9 and now we are 46-30. We've gone 22-18 in our last 42 games. The Dodgers, in their last 42 games, have had a 27-15 record. And the Diamondbacks have gone 25-17 in that same time period, and have won seven games straight. Now that is scary. We have a potential three-team race. This is no time for us to test out yet even more minor leaguers. We need someone who is reliable and field-tested. A reliever or a starter, preferably both.

We need this for Jesse Foppert. Yes, for him, not because of him. He needs time back on the minor league level, and having another starter would allow the Giants to send him back down. I don't know who we need, nor do I much care. It's just that anyone that has pitched somewhat well and consistently for several seasons could help us a lot. Stability is key.

If anything, Jesse Foppert reminds me of a young Shawn Estes, the antithesis of stable. He's young, has a lot of talent yet poor control, and all the girls want him. They both also seem to lose focus in the later innings. (A habit my dad and I once referred to as, "Shawing out.") Luckily for Foppert, Jesseing out sounds very weird and my name is also Jesse, so I really wouldn't want to insult myself.

But random ramblings aside, we need someone new. More offense isn't going to help when one of our starters is really losing focus, and when our relief staff magically makes wins morph into no-decisions. What we need has to be out there. And certainly we can find someone to give in return.

This also reminds of 1997, when we traded six prospects to the White Sox for Wilson Alvarez, Roberto Hernandez, and Danny Darwin. Another trade of that nature sounds about right. Alvarez and Darwin were pretty reliable as starters, and Hernandez strengthened the Giants bullpen. The Giants will greatly improve their chances in the West by getting some new pitchers.

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