Who's Hot, Who's Not, June 22-June 28

The Giants have had their share of rivalries, but none so prominent as the ones with the teams faced in the past week. The G-Men played out the Battle of the Bay in Oakland, and the fans kept the rivalry alive when the Giants came back home. The boys weren't always so hot as a whole, but some of them shone more than others. Here's the look for the week.


Jason Schmidt
Schmidt had another complete game on Tuesday night. How many guys can pitch consecutive complete games against the same team? Well, first, the scheduling has to be right, but more importantly, the pitcher has to be hot, and Jason Schmidt has been just that.

Barry Bonds
This. Man. Is. Simply. Amazing. Barry Bonds has created the 500/500 club. He stole a base off Eric Gagne. That's a feat in itself. Not to mention he scored, and because of that, we won. Throwing off the opposing pitcher by making a landmark steal is a nice touch.

Andres Galarraga
Ever since coming back from a calf injury and that awful flu-like bug, the Big Cat has been on FIRE! He has more than proved why we picked him over ex-prospect Damon Minor. Even at the ripe age of 42, he's got the power.

Pedro Feliz
There's nothing better for a team than a bench that can perform—especially when the starters are struggling. Galarraga and Feliz are proof of that. He's been producing, and he's been doing it in style. Home. Runs. He's helped the Giants win some games. Yeah, and he's stopped some of the offensive bleeding wherever he's needed. Really can't argue with that.

Jerome Williams
Yes, this may seem odd, but he earned his spot here with his first win. The boy finally got some run support. And he got the win that he has been denied on more than one occasion.


Jesse Foppert
May I groan in agony? Remember how he pitched the shortest game of his career just a week ago? Well, his personal record just got worse. Foppert blew a lead. Sorry Pedro…. He blew more than one in a single game! They're skipping his next start because there's a day off. I think that says something for how he's performing at this point in time. He's still a rookie, but he's on shaky ground.

Damian Moss
If there's a pitcher who's underperforming even more than Foppert, it has to be Moss. Moss, who had been "effectively wild," is now just plain "wild" and highly ineffective. He hasn't won in who knows how long, and it cannot necessarily be blamed on lack of run support. Giving up five runs in less than 3 innings does not help the offense much, nor does it help team morale. People may be wanting to see Jesse go, but I say Moss goes first.

Honorable Mentions:

Benito Santiago
Benni got a clutch hit off Eric Gagne to win the first of the three game series with the Dodgers. This one won the game.

Jose Cruz, Jr.
Jose is finally getting his swing back after being in the depths of the lineup. He's made some spectacular defensive plays, especially in the clutch.

Marquis Grissom
Marquis has cooled down a bit, but he's still going strong.

Ray Durham
Ray is…well, Ray. There isn't much more to say, other than that he has been incredibly consistent wherever he hits in the batting order.

Amy Lew has been writing close to anything and everything for SFDugout.com since its inception. . A Giants fan since age eight (1994), she writes ‘Who's Hot and Who's Not,' does her fair share of special features, and serves an unofficial editor. You can contact her at paradisiapoetica@yahoo.com.

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