Who's Hot, Who's Not, June 29 - July 5

The Giants have pulled some strings to keep themselves afloat, and as of now, it's still working. For the most part, the Giants have been incredibly clutch, however, there are always a few that slip through the cracks. Who's soaring high on some wins and some great plays, and who's taking a poorly timed dive into bad times.


Jason Schmidt
Schmidt pitched his third consecutive complete game this week. There's very little denying that he is or has the potential to be the ace of this Giants ball club. The man has been amazing and consistent. There isn't much more to say….

Barry Bonds
Barry never stops amazing. This week, he slammed the A's and the Cardinals, and it felt good! Bonds has been solid in the outfield, and he keeps performing offensively, which bodes well for this Giants team.

Jerome Williams Williams has put some excellent numbers into the win column after a shaky start that was apparently just a case of the "rookie jitters." Williams recorded a career high seven strikeouts. Then again, he got his shutout win against the Athletics with a single strikeout, so that's not necessarily a gauge of anything, but it's a nice bonus. That, and a win are both pleasant.

Pedro Feliz
Feliz has been as sizzling as the heat wave experienced in the Bay Area over the weekend that closed out June. In fact, Feliz helped close out a lot of those games. Not by pitching, but by producing offensively.

Jim Brower
The man hadn't had a start since 2001, and even then, he didn't start that much. Still, Felipe and the rest of the Giants put their faith in him, and Brower exceeded expectations. They were hoping for five solid innings, and the spot-starter gave them six and did not exceed his pitch count of 75. The Giants needed a big start out of Brower with Moss being cold and the starting pitching struggling, plus the fact that they were facing Woody Williams, who had been excellent against the Giants.


Kirk Rueter
Rueter got bombed on Thursday night. There's not denying it. Eight runs in a single inning? That hurts. Woody just couldn't take the heat, and the Giants came back, but it wasn't enough. Alas, for all that statistics say, it's now official that they're not always what one should go by. Rueter, the Giants' lucky man, wasn't so lucky as in the past for the month of June. Let's hope the rest of July doesn't turn out like this.

Honorable Mention

Damian Moss
Moss showed a bit of class by wishing Brower the best as he exited the bullpen. A nice gesture, considering he refused to comment for the media. Kudos for that.

Jesse Foppert
Besides racking up a massive pitch count in four innings, Jesse Foppert didn't perform too poorly in his last start. He only gave up two runs in four. If he could have kept it up, and kept the pitch count down by being more aggressive, that would have boded well. He needs to establish himself early.

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