A Giants Fan in Sin City, Part I

The Giants head to Arizona in a battle for 1st place in the National League West and a fan decides it's a good idea to catch the games in- of all places - Las Vegas, Nevada. Viva Keith!

Jesse Foppert has no command of his fastball nor does he have the know-how to be a capable Major League pitcher just yet. But at this point, I don't care.

I'm going to Vegas.

Scott Eyre continued his Jekyll and Hyde act last night by falling behind hitters and giving up very untimely hits. Phooey.

I'm going to Vegas.

The Diamondbacks won their 11th straight home game against the Dodger-beating Padres to close the gap in the NL West to a mere 4 games. Hah!

I'm going to Vegas.

I am 17 hours and 16 minutes away from landing in McCarran Airport for 52 hours of untold glory, alcohol and everything this side of the law, not to mention betting the San Francisco Giants-Arizona Diamondbacks series. Come Sunday, I'll feel probably feel like that poor girl in the sausage outfit after Randall Simon whacked her with a bat. But no matter. I'm going to Vegas.

It's time that my love for the team translates into dollars as the orange and black have given me enough heartbreak to last a lifetime. It's time that I get just a little return, even if it's only monetary, for my emotional investment.

Amidst all the rabblerousing that will no doubt take place in the desert of southern Nevada, I've got a job to do. I've got to slap some hard earned coin on Jason Schmidt before the first pitch of Friday's game. Also, to get more bang for my buck, I may look at the over/under for the game or parlay the Giants with the Braves and/or the Yankees. Who knows! I'm going to Vegas!

The debauchery and gaming will unfold in the friendly confines of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It is the ultimate spot for people watching, especially if those people look like they either belong in Playboy or jumping from the top turnbuckle in a WWE match. I'm serious. The clothes are tight and the silicone is as plentiful as the tattoos. (I should fit right in.) But it's here where I'll be watching the game in the intimate sports book, getting updates while I'm playing poolside blackjack or asking the waiter to provide me with up-to-the-second game situations as I devour my prime rib in A.J.'s Steakhouse.

While the weekend will be unequalled when it comes to fun, it will only get better if the Giants help the Diamondbacks join the Dodgers in their freefall in the NL West's standings.

So pray for my good fortune, fellow Giants fans. Pappa's gotta get his baby boy a new pair of shoes. That reminds me -- I also have to pick up a "cute" ballcap that says "Hard Rock" on it for my wife. This will definitely put my "cute" radar to the test. Wish me even more luck on that one.

Check in next week to see my gambling results and my accounting of a weekend spent in the place the Mob built. It's all I can do to not walk outside and breathe into a bag to prevent hyperventilation because the anticipation is giving me anxious fits that not even 10 cups of coffee can accomplish. Anyone who's been to Vegas knows what I'm talking about. I'll probably count the total minutes of sleep I get tonight on one hand. But who cares?

I'm going to Vegas.

Viva Keith and go Giants.

Keith Larson writes for SFDugout.com because he's lived and died with the Giants since 1972. He welcomes all words of praise and insult at keith49ers@yahoo.com, but mentioning anything having to do with Game 6 is to be done with extreme caution.

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