Who's Hot, Who's Not, July 6 - July 12

Well, this week has been full of ups and downs. Rueter and Foppert (who is temporarily a Grizzly again) have seemingly hit rock bottom, the pitching staff is far from what it was at the beginning of the year, literally, and everyone else appears to be pulling out all the stops. Which guys should be dubbed "flamethrowers," and which are stuck in the icebox?


Jason Schmidt
Schmidt is an all-star. He's been pitching like that, consistently. He's throwing the heat, and it's keeping the Giants alive.

Barry Bonds
Barry has hit an unbelievable amount of home runs in a little more than ten games. Another all-star, it's obvious why he made the team.

Jerome Williams
Jerome has been solid, and is clearly becoming or has become a solid fixture in the Giants' constantly changing rotation. He gets the job done, of course with some help from his offense. He shut down and out pitched Curt Schilling—quite a difficult feat for a rookie, but Williams is shining bright.

Pedro Feliz
Pedro has been nothing short of amazing. He comes out when we need him, as when Bonds has a day off or when Alfonzo isn't hitting as well as we'd like, and he comes through.

Jim Brower
Brower can pitch for me anytime. He came in on short notice for Rueter and sat down the batters, retiring 10 in a row. Impressive, not to mention, he went for 4 and 1/3 innings, which is long for a reliever. He kept the game in control and got the win. Very impressive.

J.T. Snow
Definite props to J.T. for coming back strong. He's not the typical two-hole hitter, but his patience is what makes him a good fit for spot. Snow has consistently reached base, often by walking, which does make up for his lack of speed on the base paths. He has also had some big hits, both in the field and, well, out of the park, or at least over the wall.

Marquis Grissom
Four-for-four is an impressive statistic for a single game. Marquis has reached it and produced the Giants when they were in need. The Giants outfield is hot. Period.

Felix Rodriguez
Well, dare I say it, but he's got the arm back. And thank goodness for that, because the Giants need it badly.


Kirk Rueter
Rueter hurt himself, or at least his shoulder tweaked itself the wrong way. Maybe that was what was causing his off-month, but nobody can know for sure. Either way, that's a bad thing.

Jesse Foppert
Jesse got bombed for eight runs, even if only four of them were earned. He's being sent down to Fresno for ten days, not counting their All-Star break, to work on his mechanics. He'll be back shortly, and hopefully back on track, too.

Honorable Mention

Jose Cruz, Jr.
Well, first off it seems like my hot list is getting a bit long, but no, that's not why Jose is down here. Cruz has made some unbelievable defensive plays on the right field wall, and his bat is fairly hot. However, Cruz has the potential to be even hotter. He's on his way up to that hot list.

Tim Worrell
Worrell has been pretty lights out, but last night hurt. Really, that's all that must be said.

Notes: I kept it short today. First off I don't want to jinx the players. Secondly, we're heading into the all-star break, which means action will be minimal. But third and most important, I, your neighborhood thermometer, am being temporarily replaced as I am going to southern California to vacation and look at colleges. I'll be back in approximately two-weeks. See you on the other side of the All-Star break!

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