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On July 13th, the Giants traded with the San Diego Padres and received reliever Matt Herges in exchange for a minor leaguer and future considerations. Here's a breakdown of the trade and the players involved.

What we got:

Matt Herges, RHP, San Diego

1999 LA 17 0-2 24.1 24 18 8 0 2 1 4.07
2000 LA 59 11-3 110.2 100 75 40 1 2 4 3.17
2001 LA 75 9-8 99.1 97 76 46 1 7 15 3.44
2002 Mon 62 2-5 64.2 80 50 26 6 8 9 4.04
2003 SD 40 2-2 44.0 40 40 20 3 2 4 2.86

Matt Herges is a 33 year old right handed relief pitcher who is having a pretty decent season. He has a nice strikeout to walk ratio, 40 K's to 20 BB's in 44 innings. Of the things you don't see above, he throws a lot of pitches, and keeps a solid mix of ground balls (60%) to flies (40%). He also doesn't get hit hard, as so far this year, batters have the exact same On-Base Percentage and Slugging Percentage (.323) against him.

He's a career middle reliever, never doing anything else consistently in his five years as a major leaguer (He was with LA from '99-'01, and Montreal last year before becoming a Padre this year). His ERA has fluctuated from mid-3's to low 4's, and he's kept a solid approximate 2 to 1 K to BB ratio for his entire career, which is a good sign. However, so far this year is the first year he's had more saves than blown saves, so he's certainly not an option as a closer. Also, when he was sent to Montreal from Los Angeles in trade, he was vocally upset. He calmed down and earned respect among Expo fans (11 of the 12 agree on that), but he still isn't happy with the Dodgers. Can't argue with that attitude.

What we're far:

Clay Hensley, RHP, San Jose Giants (A)

2002 SK (R) 20 8-6 100 87 34 33 127 30 1 2.97
2003 HAG (Low-A) 12 4-3 68 56 26 24 74 20 0 3.18
2003 SJ (High-A) 5 2-3 29.1 38 20 19 25 9 0 5.83

Clay Hensley is a 23 year old right handed pitcher, and was our 8th round draft pick last year out of Lamar university. Hestarted the year at Low-A ball in Hagerstown, where he went 4-3 in 12 games, with a 3.18 ERA and 74 K's and 20 BB's. He was called up in mid June to San Jose, where he was 2-3 in 5 games with a 5.83 ERA and 25 K's vs 9 BB's. So far, the biggest moment of his career was this past May 3rd, when he pitched a seven inning perfect game in the second game of a doubleheader against Kannapolis. It' might be a minor league perfect game, but it's still tough to throw.

The kid has some potential with those K/BB numbers, but he's coming up slowly giving up more hits than innings pitched in high-A. He can throw, as his perfect game can attest, but if he's going to make the majors, it may not be for a while.

Player To Be Named Later, or Cash Considerations

We'll update this later.


This seems like a good trade to me. Herges fills an immediate need, especially as Brower does some spot-starting. Hensley certainly has potential, but we have so many other options even at his level that he may not be given the attention he needs to become more consistent. The PTBNL probably won't be anyone of any consequence, as the option the Padres have for 'Cash Considerations' would indicate. The bottom line is we get some immediate help that we really need, and don't give up much in return. Thumbs up here.

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